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The best birthday party ideas for your youngsters!

It's almost your child's birthday and you want to give them a birthday party they'll never forget. Need some creative ideas? We've got 10 birthday party ideas for kids that we know they'll love! Let the fun begin long before the party with themed invitations, and continue with everything from themed food and decorations to games and party favors.  Here are a few creative ideas! 

Princesses: Who doesn't dream of being royalty when they grow up? For a simple princess party, send out an invitation and have all the attendees dress up as their favorite princess! Offer themed food and drinks and go the extra mile and hire a princess actress for the day!

Decade-Theme: Create a party around a decade (like the 20's, 50's, 80's) that interests your child or corresponds to the year you or your parents were born. Have the kids come dressed up in the fashion of that decade, and serve food that debuted during that time. You can even show movies that came out in that decade or play games that were popular with kids during that era.

10045 parties fifties

Paint and Party: Either host this party at home or rent out a room at a paint and party store. Have a big offering of different items to paint, from canvases to even themselves, and let the kids go wild with creativity! If you have a room in your house that's just for the kids (like a playroom or a basement) you could even consider letting them create a mural on the wall. Create a design (like a butterfly, a heart, words, etc) and then give each child a square that they can decorate however they'd like.

Baking: Depending on their age, you can take care of the baking part while letting your child and their friends help with the ingredients When they have cooled down after baking, let the kids have a blast decorating them! And don't forget the best part, eating the baked goods!

Petting Zoo: Rent out a little zoo with the cutest animals for the day. This is a great option for a kid's birthday party because who cannot resist adorable, furry friends?!


Superheroes: Who doesn't love superheroes? Have a superhero themed birthday party where all the kids come dressed up as their favorite superhero! Have some superhero games, a superhero movies and more! 

Magic Show: Kids love magic! Hire a professional magician and have them put on an amazing magic show for your child and their friends. Bring in some science to the food served (like liquid nitrogen) to continue the magic!

Classic Carnival: Rent out a moon bounce and hire a clown for the day. Offer other games and even have a cotton candy machine. It's like they're at the carnival!

10045 carnival kidsparty

At the Movies: Either host a movie party night at your home or take your child and their friends out to a movie theater. Most movie theaters have party rooms that you can rent out so you can also have pizza and cake! 

Laser Tag: This is fun no matter what your age! Rent out a laser tag room and let the kids go laser tag crazy! Parents may even want to join!

We guarantee that your son or daughter will love all of these ideas for their birthday party, and might be the best birthday party they've ever had!

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