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10-deadly-ways-to-spy-on-competition-part-2To know your competitors is an extremely important part of business. Make it your business to spy on them be causes chances are... they are already scoping you out. Here are 5 more tips to spy on your competition. Check out part 1 here.



6. Who is Linking to Them

Tools such as Majestic site explorer and Onsite Explorer are excellent tools you can use to locate the back link profile of your competitors. You might want to link to the sites if they are worth linking to. You can also use them for referral purposes, plus it boosts your organic results on Google.

7. Monitor Their Traffic

You also want to know who’s visiting their site and where they are coming from. Use tools such as Similarweb or Alexa, which are both accurate and free when using trial account.

8. What Are Customers Saying

Tools such as Google Alert will help you know exactly what people are saying about a business. Feed their name or even the keywords they use (your competitors) into Google Alert, and you’ll find out what people are saying about them every time their name is mentioned.

9. Learn How They Engage Using Social Media

This is another crucial step you must perform on Facebook and Twitter. You want to know how far their reach is where social media audience is concerned. Your safest bet would be to use a tool called Fan page Karma (for Facebook) or Follower Wonk (for Twitter).

10. Monitor Their Technology Habits

Know the kind of technology they are using in terms of platforms or even add-ins. Once you find out, explore the vulnerabilities of their technology using Buitwith.

In conclusion, with the 10 easy steps above, you have a great strategy in getting ahead of your competitors. So, will you start monitoring them today?

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