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Photo Credit: IMDB

If you want to celebrate Earth Day but need some ideas, start with watching an inspiring film dedicated to plant Earth! From comedies and dramas to documentaries and family flicks, there are plenty of conservation themed movies to fill up your Netflix queue.

We've compiled a list of the 10 best Earth Day movies. You can thank us by reducing your carbon footprint this Earth Day!

1.Day After Tomorrow

Maybe not the best tribute to our sacred planet Earth, but the apocalyptic flick starring Jake Gyllenhaal and Dennis Quaid does provide the message that we need to care for our planet. Check out this nail biter as Jack Hall, a climatologist, tries to warn the government of the upcoming new Ice Age.

2. March of the Penguins

Marvel in the magic of this journey, which follows penguins of the Antarctica as they voyage away from their home in the ocean to mate on land. Seriously one of the cutest flicks ever and a perfect family film.

3. An Inconvenient Truth

This Al Gore documentary follows his quest to educate people all over the world that the threat of global warming is real.

4. Earth

In this Disney documentary, the film makers successfully follow families of humpback whales, elephants and polar bears throughout an entire year of their lives on Earth. This film is the perfect special treat for Earth Day.

5. FernGully

This special animated classic is a great option to watch as a family. When a rainforest in Australia becomes the victim of destruction by humans, it’s up to the fairies of the land to save their home.

6. Oceans

Another awesome Disney nature film. Enjoy this documentary with your kids as you watch the wonders of the beautiful aquatic world.

7. Idiocracy

This awesome flick starring Luke Wilson has a bit of everything; comedy, adventure and a dash of sci-fi. Joe Bauers awakes 500 years later into the future to a planet that is well, incredibly stupid.

8. King Corn

Watch as two college friends leave their lives on the East Coast and move to Iowa to grow corn on a single acre of land. This documentary will educate you and make you ask questions about your food supply and local farms.

9. Erin Brockovich

Follow this incredible story of a legal assistant who uncovered a scandalous cover-up. California was polluting the drinking water in Hinkley.

10. The 11th Hour

Curious as to how mankind impacted the earth? This documentary leaves nothing behind in the telling of how we’ve impacted our planet. The title, the 11thhour, is a phrase used to imply that something is too late.

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