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10-food-apps-to-try-nowAttention foodies! We got some great apps for your smartphone.

From Pinterest to blogs, and Facebook to Twitter, the web has opened up a vault of all things health and food. But for a society that lives on our mobile devices, there are also a number of apps to help along on your food excursions. Weather you are an avid cooker, healthy eater or conscious shopper, we've gathered a list of some of the top apps for foodies of all sorts.

Top 10 Food Apps For Smartphone Users

Whole Foods Recipes: It’s easy to resort to the recipes you know and love in the kitchen, or the ones that are the easiest. But giving your stomach some excitement can be fun. This app offers a plethora of inspirational recipes for any eater or cooking level.

Yummly: If you’re looking for the cooking app that has it all, this might be it. Yummly lets you store the apps you like and recommends similar recipes for your next meal. It also offers smart shopping lists for the cooks that might want to leave a little room for experimentation and creativity in the kitchen.

AlltheCooks: This social recipe app is filled with foodie ideas from the cooking community. Share recipes, gain followers and join other foodie fanatics with this colorful app. You can simply type in the ingredients you have and see what discover the possibilities.

Seafood Watch: Buying fish can sometimes be, well, fishy. This app gives consumers ratings on a seafood product to determine how sustainable the fish is. A red rating tells users the fish is farmed in a way that could harm other marine life or is overfished, yellow is average and green means the seafood was obtained in a sustainable manner. It also offers a list of options that are sustainable and healthy, or those with fewer contaminants.

Anylist: If you like to cook, chances are you’ll need of list of items from the grocery store. Anylist is great for conveniently storing lists that you can consistently update and keep track of. Cross off items as you get them, save your lists and reuse them.

Fooducate: If you’re looking to stay healthy, this is the app for you. Fooducate gives health ratings for more than 200,000 items and offers details on the ingredients you’re looking for. Use your phone’s camera to scan an item and learn about potentially healthier options as well.

Food Tripping: There are a lot of options for food. From restaurants to co-ops to farmers markets to grocery stores to even juice bars, Food Tripping offers a guide to everything food in your area.

Garden Plate: For vegetarians, vegans, gluten-free or raw eaters Garden Plate is the go-to veggie eating app. With recipes categorized by dietary preference, Garden this app can help you bring anything from the garden to your plate.

Grubhub: Need a break from cooking? Planning for a night on the couch? GrubHub can help you find a number of takeout or delivery options in your area. Choose the type of food from pizza to Japanese to Thai food, you’ll have your hands full trying to make a decision.

Eat Slower: Eating slower is one of the best ways to know when you’re actually full. With Eat Slower you can set your pace and time your bites. The app will let you know when it’s time to taste your next spoonful, giving you a chance to savor each and every bite.

What other food apps do you like to use on your smartphone? Share with us!

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