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Across the U.S., there are plenty of hot spots to watch this year's World Cup.

There are two kinds of people watching the World Cup games at bars: the ones who are die hard fans with painted faces, and the ones who are just there to eat and drink and are using the World Cup as an excuse. This year's World Cup is already becoming an incredibly popular in the U.S. due to the incredible win over Ghana. For those who don't want to sit at home and watch, there are plenty of places in the U.S. that are perfect for watching the big games. Food & Wine editor Kate Krader picked the country's top ten. 

Adesso in Oakland, California - This charcuterie specialist has a special menu for the World Cup and is open for all the World Cup viewing hours. You can order off of the regular menu, but there will also be game-specific cocktails.

Bar Fogo in New York City, New York - This is a South American steak house with locations in the U.S. and Brazil. They are hosting parties for every World Cup game and are serving special appetizers like sliders and a sampling of grilled meats.  

Botequim in New York City - Get in the spirit of the games with Brazilian chef Marco Moreira's pop-up restaurant. The menu is far from bar food, and includes roast suckling pig and feijoada, plus themed cocktails like a Soccer Spritzer. The games will be shown on multiple screens, so you can make sure you have the best angle at all times.



Brewhouse Cafe in Atlanta, Georgia - This sports bar has been the best place to watch World Cup games since it opened in 1998. The bar will show every game on the many TVs inside, and guests can enjoy 10 types of wings during the game. The bar has a good selection of beers from around the world.

City Tap House in Washington, D.C. - This pub is hosting the World Cup of Beers so you can mix and match with your favorite teams. The menu is internationally-inspired with fun dishes like chicken and waffles or Korean short ribs.


Fontainebleau Miami Beach in Miami, Florida - This location offers more than just in-bar game watching. This location has four bars and restaurants, but you can also watch outside at the Arkadia pool's Glow Bar, or get your groove on during the games with a DJ at La Cote, which is known for its cachaca cocktails. Don't forget about the themed spa specials and activities for kids!

Four Seasons in Seattle, Washington - Seattle is a big soccer city, and the Four Seasons is paying close attention to the games this year. You can find beers from competing countries and Brazilian-inspired food. The ART Restaurant inside the Four Seasons is showing the games and so is Bar 84 on the outdoor pool deck. 

Iron City in Birmingham, Alabama - This is a huge music venue that was converted into World Cup Headquarters during the games. Every game is shown on a 240 square foot projector screen. You can order food from the Iron City Grill next door with great snacks like cheese-bacon grits, fried chicken and more. 



Lucky Baldwins Pub in Pasadena, California - This is an old-school British pub with a few different locations. The original location has a whopping 63 beers on tap from all around the world. The first half of the World Cup is at the same time as the Pub's IPA festival. The games start early in the morning and the pub serves English and American breakfasts - and beer. As the day goes on, you can order bar-style foods.

World Cup Beer Garden in Portland, Oregon - It's a pop-up beer garden nestled in the town that calls itself Soccer City, USA. It offers a rotating selection of locally-brewed beers and cocktails. Meals are prepared from local favorites like Fried Egg I'm in Love and the Bus Stop Cafe. Bus Stop Cafe prepares typical bar food in a double-decker bus, which is really cool even without the World Cup watching! The top level of the bus will have a large TV to broadcast the games.

Did your favorite restaurant make the list? If not, what should be added?

Photo Credit: Twitter 

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