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The burden of leadership requires you to develop certain interpersonal skills which can help you pull individuals or a team together in difficult situations. So, to be a successful leader in your industry, here are 10 habits that you must posses:

1. Encourage Consensus, Not Factions

Group consensus is important because it prevents conflict and unproductive competition. It also helps everyone feel that you care about his or her opinions and that you don't favor one faction over another. Furthermore, maintaining group consensus helps to create a sense of balance and stability among your colleagues, which in turn helps foster trust and general sense of well-being.

2. Give Praise Open-Heartedly

Women who understand the core principles of leadership know that people always appreciate being praised. So, if an employee, mentee or someone in a subordinate role does something noteworthy, be sure to give them as much praise as appropriate. They will reward you with stronger loyalty.

3. ‘NO’ To Blame Game

Playing the blame game will only distract your workers from solving the problem, and will only cause unnecessary friction among them. Furthermore, looking for someone to blame is a waste of time and resources. So whenever a problem happens, jump straight into the solution.

4. Renounce Your Need to Be Right

Good leaders are not infallible, and they are always willing to admit when they're wrong. If you've made a mistake about something, it's more productive to admit that you were wrong than waste time proving to everyone that you're right.

5. Trust Your Gut

In the absence of clear data, always trust your gut. If something seems wrong about a particular project, deal or person then don't hesitate to do some additional investigation. Remember that a little extra caution never hurts. 
Want to learn more about the habits of women in leadership roles?  Please check back for Part 2...

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