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Women who are in leadership positions need to consider a lot of factors associated with this role.

The burden of leadership requires you to develop certain interpersonal skills, which can help you pull individuals or a team together in difficult situations. So, to be a successful leader in your industry, here is Part 2 of habits that you must posses. 

6. Disagree Respectfully

If you want to disagree with someone, do it respectfully. Not only does this help prevent negative emotions, it also allows you to maintain a more positive relationship with your colleagues and employees.

7. Pay It Forward

The "Pay It Forward" concept is a good way of building trust and cohesion in a particular organization, because it shows that each member is generous and trustworthy. So whenever you do something good for your colleagues and subordinates, tell them that they can thank you by doing the same to others.

8.Develop A Thick Skin

When you're in a leadership position, criticism is almost inevitable. There's really no way around this, and the only way that you can cope with this problem is to develop a "thick skin" against any sort of criticism, so that when they do crop up, you will be able to handle them

9. Communicate… Communicate… and Communicate!

Successful leadership requires good communication skills. Not only do they help women leaders become successful, they are also important in maintaining stable relationships with your colleagues and associates.

10. Steadfast In Your Faith

Having faith in yourself and your subordinates is necessary for establishing trust and cohesion. Faith is also necessary for boosting morale, improving employee disposition and all sorts of other things that are necessary in leadership.

In conclusion, leadership is a very loaded term, because it implies a lot of challenges. However, at the end of the day, it is merely the relationship between a leader and those who follow her. This association is important, because it forms the foundation of the group or organization that she is leading.

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