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Sometimes guys are busy. Sometimes they don't respond. And when that happens, we throw ourselves into a tizzy wondering why he is completely incapable of returning a simple text. Well ladies, there are plenty of reasons why he hasn't responded. Just check out this list.

1. His phone died

For those of us with smartphones, we know the battery life is not so great. So, if you're waiting for a response from a man you're interested in and he has yet to respond, maybe his phone is dead? Or maybe he lost the charger. Regardless, he can't take selfies, check emails or most importantly, return your text.

2. He's grieving

Maybe his mom died. Maybe it was his dog. Maybe it was just a house plant. Either way he hasn't responded because he's pretty upset. Just give it time and he'll come around.

3. He's taking a nap

Whether it's a 6 hour nap or one that last for 15 minutes, he had to disconnect from the world of smartphones just to get some rest. As soon as his internal batteries recharge, he'll probably make an effort to contact you.

4. He's at the gym

For two hours? It must be leg day. But still, he can't respond right now because he's pumping iron, getting jacked or doing whatever it is that guys do at the gym.

5. He's contemplating

The text you originally sent was so witty, entertaining and cute that's he's having a hard time responding to someone who has such a grasp on the English language. Subconsciously he wants to be appear more hilarious than you are, but after reading the text you sent, he doesn't stand a chance and he knows it.

6. He's sick

Maybe it's the common cold. Maybe it's amnesia. Either way his health is too poor to even swipe left on Tinder, let alone return your message.

7. He's out to dinner

But with who? Not you, maybe family, maybe friends. At least you know your crush has nice table manners and won't be glued to their cell phone screen on your next dinner date.

8. He's testing your patience

Is he a meditation master? Does he try to practice patience? Or is he just a total jerk? Whatever the reason, he hasn't responded because he likes to make you squirm and twitch and possibly have a panic attack in leiu of his response.

9. His phone is on silent

He might be at church with his parents or maybe he decided to see a matinee. His phone is on silent and as soon as the sermon, show or play is over, he'll get back to you.

10. He's just not that into you

The chances of him getting abducted by aliens and leaving his cellphone on their UFO is much higher, but still, maybe he's just not that into you.

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