10-most-iconic-hairstyles-of-all-time-headerHairstyles that have made an unforgettable mark on hairstyle history.

Some people want a hairstyle that makes a statement, some want a classic and sophisticated hairstyle. Either way, it is why people spend billions of dollars each year on hair color, cuts and product, just to get that perfect hairstyle. Then, a few months later, change it again. Some hairstyles, however, never go out of style. Hairstyles have made careers, branded people, and started trends that lasted decades. Here are the top ten hairstyles of all time. 

The Farrah Fawcett: It's the famous feathered flip out to the sides that makes this beauty a style icon. Thought of as the ideal California Girl of the time, Farrah's hair style will always be remembered as the style the launched her career into the Charlie's Angels franchise.

Shirley TempleWhether want to admit it or not, we've all had an accidental Shirley Temple hairstyle day. Plucked from the 1930's and put in this decade, the curly top style often comes out when we try "all over" curls with the curling iron. Only Shirley Temple and a few others can pull this style off, but it is certainly one for the books.

The Rachel: Ah, Rachel. Rewind to the late 90's when Friends was at its peak, and you'll remember seeing "The Rachel" everywhere you looked. The mid-length layered look was all too popular with the show's audience, even after Jennifer Aniston claimed she hated the look. 


The 'Fro: Made popular by Angela Davis in the 70's, the Afro quickly became an iconic African American style. Afro combs have been found in ancient Sudan and Egypt that date back to 3500 BCE, and Oprah recently rocked the style on the cover of her magazine. The style remains as a powerful expression of racial and cultural identity. 

Albert Einstein: While mathematicians know him for E=MC2, he is just as easily recognizable for his undone white hair that seemed to stand up (with no product, we assume) on its own. While his hair did often look unkept, maybe it mirrors the active frenzy in his mind that has kept people intrigued by his work for decades. 

The Platinum Blonde: This look is set to be trendy for decades to come, and we can thank Jean Harlow for that. Starring in a film with the same name as the style, Harlow claimed the color was natural, but she was actually putting plenty of chemicals on her hair every week just to keep the platinum color. Some say the use of these chemicals and the fumes they gave off led to her kidney failure and death at age 26. Don't worry, you can find products without those chemicals in stores today. 

The Mohawk: When you think Mohawk, you probably think punk rocker, but the style is much, much older than that, dating back to the sixteenth century. Various tribes have worn the Mohawk look, too. Whichever group you associate the style with, it is certainly one that has made its place in hairstyle culture. 


The Bob: Made famous by Anna Wintour, the bob has become an iconic style, with plenty of celebs adopting the trend. It's not an easy style, however. Anna gets daily blowouts to keep her style in tip top shape. 

Rapunzel: Not just anyone can rock this look but when they do, we all recognize it. Insanely long, luscious locks remind us of Rapunzel's quest for love and contact with the outside world. Wind the locks together to create a trendy old-word braid.

Mop Top: Decades before Bieber won over the hearts of teenage girls everywhere with his style, The Beatles were rocking the Mop Top, and ladies were loving it. There were even mop top wigs so anyone could adopt the trend. 

Which is your favorite iconic hairstyle?

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