10-must-have-items-for-a-night-outYou don't need a bag full of stuff, just grab the essentials.

Whether you're headed  to a nice dinner with your man or bar hopping with the girls, there are some must-have items for a night out. Bulky bags and big purses aren't the best accessories for out on the town outfits, so pack only the clutch essentials. These night out must-haves are the way to go when all you're carrying is a small bag or clutch.

  1. Mints: There's nothing worse than wine breath. Gum can be annoying if you're trying to have a conversation, so stick to mints that dissolve quickly. If I'm really limited on space, I'll toss a few in the zipper part of the clutch to avoid carrying the whole container. 
  2. Oil Blotting Sheets: A night out with the girls means plenty of selfies, so don't get caught with a shiny face. Pack a few oil blotting sheets and use them before the photo shoot begins.
  3. Band-Aid: We've all been in the situation where our shoes look great, but our heel is throbbing from the blister that's about to pop with every step. Bandaids take up almost no space and can really save you some suffering as the night goes on.
  4. Floss: Enough said...
  5. Extra Hair Tie: Whether it's for you or one of your friends, someone is bound to want to tie their hair back. It's another item that takes up little to no space that could really come in handy.
  6. Mini Perfume: No matter how dainty you are, club dancing can get sweaty. Don't get caught smelling less than lovely; carry a small perfume with you to freshen up. 
  7. Bobby Pins: If you have room, put extra bobby pins in an old TicTac container. If you're short on space, drop a few in the bottom of your bag. 
  8. Eye Drops: If you wear contacts or have sensitive eyes, a night out can really take a toll. Keep a small bottle of eye drops with you to avoid dry, red eyes. 
  9. Fashion Tape: You never know when a strap will break or you'll have a "slipping" wardrobe malfunction. Keep fashion tape with you to avoid embarrassing slip ups. 
  10. Cab App: This doesn't exactly go inside your bag, but it is an absolute must have on your phone. Download a cab calling app before you leave your apartment. Most bars do not have wifi, so you don't want to be stuck trying to download at 1:55 a.m. when the bar closes at 2. 

The bigger your bag the more you're going to carry. Not only do large bags not go with most evening outfits, but they get heavy as the night goes on. Stick to a small clutch and only these 10 essentials for a night out.

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