best-nail-artists-instagram-headerNail art is a huge trend that’s taking over social media.

So it only makes sense for us to share a few of our favorite nail artists who have made a splash on Instagram. Whether you’re looking for a new nail tech or a little inspiration for DIY nail art, these photos and profiles will surely please!

If you’re following @stephstonenails, her nail art is bound to catch your eye whenever scrolling through your news feed. From pastels just in time for spring to unique designs for a night out on the town, you’re bound to find something motivating to spruce up your nails on the Los Angeles nail artist’s page. It probably doesn’t hurt that she often does nails for fashionista and "Skyscraper" singer Demi Lovato.

Heading over to the east coast, @NaomiNailsNYC is an amazing nail artist taking over the Big Apple and rest of the country too!. If you’ve ever wanted to try the claw nail trend, she’s definitely an expert to follow. She has shown off designs like baby blue star nails, symbol nails and Beyonce-inspired nails with with one word like "Yonce," "Flawless" and "XO" on each nail.

Geometric patterns is definitely a hot nail trend and @MPNails has it covered. She also adds in pretty cool pedicure ideas too!

It’s no secret that @JessicaWashick keeps the nail candy coming on Instagram feeds across the nation. Her bio explains it all - "U don’t need a man. U need a manicure." She’s an excellent display of how being a woman-on-the-go shouldn’t stop you from having head turning nails.

@KarenGNails often uses nail jewels along with her nail art, which is why we love her so much! She not only shows off her trendy, artsy nails filled with shapes like hearts and crosses but bedazzles them even more with bling that we can’t get enough of. Her creations have a special place in girly girl’s hearts everywhere.

@KaitlinFerland is a pro when it comes to nail art. She seems to embrace the square nail look more than anything else. She shares all of her nail secrets and tutorials on

colors of the rainbow (and some patterns too) come to life at @Selenadee_nails Instagram page. *Sigh* Take a look at her page for countless ways to glam up your nails!

@JennaHipp is another one of our nail artists favorites. Her posts always show off the hottest nail trends. Want to see true proof of her talent? Celebs like Lea Michele are rocking her work. The best part is for several of her posts, she lets her more than 26,000 followers know the products she used and steps she took to create her nail masterpiece! 

Our list would not be complete without nail artist to the stars @KimmieKyees. Her specialties seem to be the upside down manicure and metallic look that we often see on trendsetters like Rihanna, Beyonce and "Pretty Little Liars" star Ashley Benson.

If you’re looking to add a little pizzazz to your nails for a major event, @Jinsoonchoi should definitely be a go-to page. Her specialty is dark colors along with glitter and of course nail bling!

What are some of your favorite nail art designs? Who do you think does the best nail art on Instagram?

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