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Work out, quit smoking, eat healthier... We've heard it all before. Not that these aren't great goals for the new year. If one of these is on your list, we're rooting for you. Really. But if you're looking to make a New Year's resolution that's actually attainable and will reap some sort of reward, we've created this list of 10 easy resolutions that will set you up for success in 2019. Bonus: They don't require every ounce of your emotional (or physical) stamina.

1. Take a Different Path


Let's face it. The gym is going to be packed from now until… eh… the end of January. So instead of spending your time anxiety-ridden at the gym, take a walk in your own back yard using a different path. Seeing new sites via your own two feet is an easy and rewarding way to venture into 2019 with a fresh outlook. 

2. Read a [Coffee Table] Book



Some people take on impossible reading resolutions, like reading one book a week or finishing The Girl On The Train before 2019 is over (when you've started it fifteen times). But how many of us have easy-to-read coffee table books that we get as gifts and are barely opened beyond the cover? There's officially no need to commit your downtime to hours of reading solely to meet a resolution. Actually enjoy what you're reading on (or off) your coffee table… You won't have to look too far. 

3. Do Something You Haven't Done Since You Were a Kid



Ride a bike, swing in a tire, climb a tree. These are all ways to rekindle your youth. There is a no better time than the new year to reflect on what's made you who you are and frankly, what makes you happy. Tossing a frisbee in the front yard or balancing a hula hoop around your waist might bring you back to a place you thought was gone forever.  

4. Help Someone Else With Their Resolution



Have you been feeling a little selfish lately—like it's all about you? If you have, use the new year as a great excuse to help someone you love reach his or her goals. Whether it's working out together at the gym, advocating a no-smoking lifestyle or helping your honey find a new job, do your part in supporting a friend who deserves to accomplish new goals. You never know… you might turn around one day to find a supporter in the wings for your dreams.

5. Wake Up to Watch a Sunrise (Only One!)













In 2019, you have 365 chances to catch a sunrise (remember, it's Leap Year). And we don't mean waking up at the crack of dawn to watch the first hour of the Today show. Take a moment in the morning to sit with yourself and reflect on the day behind you and the day ahead. The peace and quiet, even if you only catch it once, is sure to set you straight for a bright and productive day. 

6. Cook Something You've Never Tried or Never Liked



Did your trip to the fanciest restaurant in town leave you disappointed? If your taste buds weren't digging a new dish, take the chance to try the recipe at home. You actually might realize you like it, and if you're lucky, it might be tastier (and cheaper) than its fancy restaurant counterpart.

7. Write Down One Thing You're Thankful for Every Day



This should really be the easiest thing to do. All you need is a pen and something to write on, even if it's your hand. At the beginning, or the end, of every day, take thirty seconds to realize what's important in your life and write it down. Even on the most melancholy day, acknowledging your own gratitude is proven to boost spirits and establish you in a better position for success—no matter where you're looking for it.  

8. Visit a Place You've Never Been… In Your Own Town



Whether you've just moved to town or you're a native, it's never too late to find a hidden gem in the city where you live. With likely many free exhibits and natural attractions, a solo or family trip to a new spot will likely build, or reaffirm, your hometown roots. Making your neighborhood more homey is not a bad resolution to stick to in the coming year. 

9. Print Out Pictures and Actually Make an Album



Yes, we know the iPhone can make albums in your photo library. But holding onto a physical picture of your friends and family is a way to recount the best days of your past year. And even though, unlike a Facebook album, no one can go through and add their "likes" and comments, you might realize that social media feedback can become pretty irrelevant when organizing your favorite photos on the floor by the fire.

10. Take a Class (Anything!)



You're never too old to learn something new! Take a trip to your local community college or peruse online for a class that peaks your interest. It doesn't even have to be specifically useful to youthat's the best part about this resolution. This is all about remembering that learning is supposed to be fun and not only focused on the end result. Plus, when would bartending school ever not come in handy?

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