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10 Romantic Ideas For Valentine's Day

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Spice up this traditional lovers' holiday with unique ways of showing your love.

Gone are the days of going to dinner and a movie and ...well, you know. Whether it is breakfast in bed or going back to high-school with a kissing game, you can make this V-Day one to remember. Do something fun that you two have never done before with these 10 romantic ideas for Valentine’s Day.

  1. Breakfast and Love Notes: Start the day off by making a special breakfast for that special person in your life. A heart shaped pancake or waffle is just enough sweetness for your first meal of the day. Top it off with fresh strawberries and/or raspberries and whipped cream. Accompany breakfast with a few notes of the reasons why you love your special someone.
  2. Candlelight Dinner: Have a candlelight dinner at home. Cook or order in if you want to be free of cooking duties. If you two would rather go out, dine at a restaurant you both like that has a twinkling candle setup to add to the romantic holiday theme. 
  3. Home Masseuse: Forget the spa (and the cost of it!) Have a spa night with your sweetie right at home! Turn up the heat by giving each other full body massages. It’s something both of you will enjoy.
  4. Private Picasso: Bring out your sensual, artistic side by painting not on a canvas but on each other. Find some edible paint and use each other’s bodies to get creative. Then take the paint off of each other...remember it’s edible.
  5. Roses: No Valentine’s Day is complete without roses. Give them to your spouse and/or fill the bedroom with them!
  6. Burlesque: Put on a burlesque show just for him. It’ll help set the mood and excite him in the perfect way.
  7. Love Poem Keepsake: Write a “Why I Love You” poem for your significant other and have it framed.
  8. Kissing Game: Kiss your spouse 20 different ways. On 20 different small pieces of paper, write down different types of kisses (french, passionate, etc.) Place them in a red bag and have your spouse take out the ‘kisses’ out, one at a time. Give your spouse the kiss on the paper. It will be the start to a great night.
  9. Love Coupons: Leave redeemable love coupons around the house and in your spouse’s belongings where you know they’ll find it. The coupons can be good for a back rub, three kisses, piece of chocolate, etc. When your spouse returns home with the coupons, let him cash in the coupons.
  10. Get Busy: It’s bound to happen anyway. It’s a win-win for both parties and...your health too. It’s been proven sex burns calories, lowers blood pressure, and boosts the immune system. But don’t go for what you usually do! Change into something sexy, include a new toy, watch something erotic beforehand and switch up where it happens. It’ll all end as a great experience the both of you will have enjoyed...and most likely do again.

Be safe and spread love, lovers!

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