• 10 Scary Halloween Makeup Looks That Make The Costume

    10 Scary Halloween Makeup Looks That Make The Costume

    Want an amazing Halloween get-up this year without spending the big bucks on a flimsy costume that you can really use only once? Consider using makeup to achieve the scary look you want, at a fraction of the price! You'll definitely stand out from the crowd and infuse some personality into your costume with these really cool looks!

    Are you deciding between being a cute animal or demented doll this year? Trying a twisted variation on classic pop culture characters? Click through for some scary but totally awesome Halloween makeup ideas!

  • Pop Art

    Pop Art

    Photo Credit: Imgur

  • Deer


    Photo Credit: CheapThrillsAndThrills.com

  • Cat


    Photo Credit: StyleCaster

  • Silence


    Photo Credit: Reddit/Dahlia_love23

  • The Evil Witch

    The Evil Witch

    Photo Credit: Reddit/Ladyluja

  • Skeleton


    Photo Credit: Reddit/ubiquitousbox

  • Evil Doll

    Evil Doll

    Photo Credit Reddit/Ahlois

  • Hooked Mermaid

    Hooked Mermaid

    Photo Credit: BeeIsForBeeauty

  • The Cheshire Cat

    The Cheshire Cat

    Photo Credit: archaichal.tumblr.com

  • Marilyn Monroe

    Marilyn Monroe

    Photo Credit: CameraReadyCosmetics.com

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