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10-social-media-apps-parents-should-know-aboutStay informed about popular social media apps!

Our parents complained that we were always on the phone. We also complain, but ours comes from a scarier place. Aside from talking (almost never) and texting, phones allow our kids to connect to others all over the country and the world (scary).

Phone apps are always changing, advancing and sucking our kids in with their cult-like lore. Our kids are sharing not only personal information to create their profiles, but they are also sharing their thoughts, photos, friends and more.

Here at ‘The List,’ we are huge fans of social media and think the top social media apps below are genius when used responsibly. That said, we encourage parents to speak to their kids about dangers of technology and use of limits. We also encourage monitoring kids as they grow up fast in this digital world.

We’ve got the top 10 social media apps that every parent should know about, so you can be clued in to what they are doing.

Social Media Apps: 411 for Parents

  1. Instagram: Recently acquired by Facebook, this free app let’s kids share photos and comments, collect “likes” and followers. There are privacy settings on the profiles here.
  2. Pheed: This app was launched in November of 2012 and has fast become the number one social media app among teens. This social media app combines features of Twitter, Tumblr, SoundCloud, Instagram and more. Plus there is no limit on video or photo size.
  3. Viddy: We’ve heard that his app is quickly being dubbed the Instagram of videos. Viddy lets users take videos that are 15 seconds or less and either post, text or email the video. The app also allows users to edit video with color, special effects and music.
  4. Kik: A texting app, this one does not require a phone number so your tweens without phones but with certain MP3 players, like iTouches, can be texting friends. All it takes is an account with a user name and password.
  5. Keek: This video app let’s users send 36 videos to friends, who can comment back with text or video (a keekback). Users, referred to by other users as “keeksters,” can also follow or be followed.
  6. FourSquare: This app let’s people “check in” from their location and connect with friends. There are different status levels and points that are “awarded” depending on how many times a particular user visits a place more than others. Users can also follow where other users have been and brands such as MTV shows and President Obama give tips about places they’ve checked in.
  7. Snapchat: This is a video share app that users share quick videos on (mere seconds). The benefit is that a video can only be viewed once and not forwarded, but beware that screenshots of the video can be saved and shared.
  8. Tumblr: This app lets users create a blog to post and share texts, photos, links, music and videos. Blogs can be customized with colors, themes and music. Users can follow and be followed by others.
  9. You Tube: This one has been around for a while but many parents just think of it as a funny place to see a video—of others. Not true. Users can create channels (accounts) on You Tube that others can view and comment on (there are privacy restrictions that can be used).
  10. Pingram: New to the market, this app is a combination of Pinterest (a site to create “pin boards or bulletin boards” of favorite images) and Instagram.

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