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If you're bored and not seeing the results you want from your workout, then maybe you should try something new.  We all need a little coaxing but keep in mind that when you try something new, you open yourself for success.  Check out these 10 things you should try at the gym!

1. Interval training – One of the best calorie-burning workouts you can try. Interval training classes alternate high intensity workout moves with recovery periods. Look for one with the 2:1 ratio of rest to high intensity. Classes that are “express” or “30-Minutes” are typically high intensity interval training. Other names you might find “Tabata”, “Bootcamps” and “HIIT” classes.

2. Treadmill workouts – A treadmill is not only a great place to walk, run or climb hills but these days treadmills are the place for strength workouts too. Try some walking lunges at a pace of 1.2mph or walking backwards, sideways, or skipping. Opt for upper body moves like bear crawl with feet on the floor and hands on the treadmill or turn around with hands on the floor and try an inchworm move. (Feet on treadmill move towards the hands and the just back into plank. The change from just running or walking can increase balance, speed, and cross train the lower body.

16603 - TRX3. Body weight training – Suspension training with TRX or hanging silks can push your strength training results into a new dimension. With body weight training like this, you’ll increase your core strength as well as balance. Look for class settings to learn or hire a personal trainer to help you learn a few basic moves.

16603 - YOGA4. Yoga Class – Most people will seek out yoga classes to help with flexibility, but you may find that you come back for the mindfulness you practice instead. Although the balance of moves front to back help increase your body’s muscle balance, an increase in flexibility will be the result. Bring your own mat however, as most gyms do not invest in the best of quality. The firm softness of the mat helps you grip the ground as well as allow for a more comfortable “Savasana”.

16603 - ROPES5. Rope workout – These rope workouts first made their appearance on the Big Loser scene but now they’ve become a staple of almost every cross fit workout gym. No doubt the weighted ropes provide get resistance but moving them in coordination takes a strong core.

6. Feedback workouts – There are many products in the gym that help you move your best. From the half circle BOSU to the Bongo board, these types of equipment help you have  form and a stronger core. Look for new products like Active Motion Bar ( a weighted bar with rolling weights inside to hear, see and feel the bars movement changes ) or Sloosh bags ( containers filled with water or sand ).

16603 - personal training7. Personal training – If you have never hired a personal trainer or have been coached before, this is something you should try. It’s not like a ski lesson where improvement is slow, trainers can cut your workout time considerably while still getting you the best results. Efficiency and safety for the long run are key to maintaining a healthy body and weight for life.

8. Physical assessment – How do you know where you’re going if you don’t know where you’re beginning. Most people just skip the gyms’ FREE physical assessment. Knowing you’re starting point is key to making results happen. Check in at the front desk to see if they offer an assessment free… most gyms do-even if you have been a member there for a while!

16603 - aerial yoga9. Hang from the ceiling class –These new classes look more like “Cirque du Soleil” than a traditional class but make no mistake, they create results. High ceilings with hanging silk hammocks are the back drop for “Anti-gravity and Aerial” classes. Think suspension training meets spine and joint decompression hanging and you have the basis for these “aerial” fitness or yoga classes.

16603 - DJ SPINN10. DJ Spin – There is nothing better than a great indoor cycling class. Music however makes the class. It drives the emotion, effort and excitement of the hour and there’s only one way to make the music better: hire a DJ or live band. If you’ve never experienced a DJ Spin class, then get signed up for the next one in town. It takes that bike ride to an exhilarating level that pumps up the music, the muscles and your mind.

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