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10_tips_to_fight_the_freshman_15...even if you’re not a freshman anymore. 

Every fall, thousands of parents and their freshman college students start the school year believing in exercise, fruits, and vegetables, but somehow they fall short and suffer the weight gain train.  But this year for both parent and student can be different.

Here are my top 10 tips for fighting the freshman 15.


1. Skip the Trip

Skip the trip to the store to load up on soft drinks, snacks and breakfast items that you normally pick up for “just in case”... Just in case, the pop machine is empty. Just in case you sleep in and miss breakfast.  No more just in cases. This year, you will be prepared, exercise and get up early.

2.Set the Clock

People snack mindless when they focus on work like studying, so just like at work, it’s important to schedule in break time to stretch, move and drink water to stop the hunger grumblies before they roar.

3 Eight Minute Abs 

Although this was a workout video in the 90’s, it’s easy to view on YouTube and get in a quick sweat before class or work.  There’s no need to go to the gym if you can save time to do it at home on those days when time is a premium.

4. Carb Right Late Night 

If you do find yourself staying up late and craving something sweet to stay awake, pick up fruit or freeze some bananas.  Once mixed in a blender with a little almond milk, two frozen bananas and a 1/2 cup of almond milk, you'll kick those cravings goodbye. Instead, you'll have a tasty protein-rich, carb-quenching shake under 200 calories.. less than most candy bars.

5. Plate Your Veggies 

If you haven’t seen the new food guidelines yet, all you need to do is look at your plate.  Fill it mostly with veggies, then fruit, then proteins.  At each meal to the dining hall, make sure at least 2/3 of your plate shows fruits and vegetables-- and french fries do not count as a veggie.

6. Sleep Over Exercise

Remember, sleep is as important to maintaining a healthy weight as exercise. Given the choice, sleep is more important.  But cat naps help as well as eating low fat foods.  A recent study showed that women who ate fattier foods had less sleep than those who ate healthier choices.

7. Join the Gym

Almost every college campus these days has a rec center and workout facility that are very cost effective for students.  Parents should take note that if they live near a campus they offer memberships to the community as well as students.

8. Study at the Library

Although these days you can study anywhere, walking to and from the library on most college campuses will help you to focus better on your studies by providing a calm, stress-free, food-free environment and a chance to get a little exercise.  This is true for everyone- whether it’s work or studies, walking to a place can create more focus even if it’s the local coffee shop.

9. Eat your meat! 

Protein helps stabilize blood sugar so it’s important to eat enough protein throughout the day with your meals.  At school cafeterias, mystery meats may pop onto the menu.  Remember that lean lunch meats are low in calories and a 4 oz serving of turkey is about 25 grams of protein - enough to stabilize your meal’s sugar intake.

10. Working in the Workout 

It’s important to decrease stress, burn calories and tone that body- don’t skip a daily workout whether it’s in your dorm room or in the gym.  You will always feel better after.


For more tips, please visit my site at AndreaMetcalf.com

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