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10-ways-to-go-eco-friendly-this-st-patricks-dayEven if you are not of Irish lineage, that doesn’t mean you can’t get into the spirit of St. Patrick’s Day!

Sure, we love the idea of your wearing those skinny emerald tone jeans or a fabulous green floral top. But we were actually thinking along different green lines—those that have you going green, as in eco-friendly.

If you’re family and household are not as environmentally attentive as you would like and you’ve been meaning to make a change, now is the perfect time. It’s just a little more than a month before Earth Day, so it gives you a head start.

Here at 'The List,' we have compiled ten easy ways you can go green for St. Patrick's Day and there’s no baking, painting or pipe cleaner projects involved.

Go Eco-Friendly This St. Patrick’s Day

  1. Bulbs: Instead of using incandescent bulbs in your house, switch over to compact fluorescent lights or CFLs. CFLs use less heat energy to produce light, making them more energy efficient and environmentally friendly.
  2. Cleaning Supplies: Everything from clothes and dishwashing detergent to glass cleaner, floor cleaner and more contain chemicals that are harmful not only to your family but also to the environment. Look for all-natural remedies instead— many are made by your favorite manufacturers so you can be assured they will work to your satisfaction. And just because they are all natural does not mean they are pricier. Plenty of store brands are now available in the “clear” variety too.
  3. Nighttime Dishwashing: Run the dishwasher at night on “eco” mode. This allows dishes to air dry so it uses no heat. By morning, they’ll be dry and you won’t know the difference.
  4. Lower the Thermostat: If you are going to be away from the house for more than 12 hours, turn the thermostats down a few degrees. Or, try turning them down a few clicks at night and use an extra blanket or favorite cozy pajamas.
  5. Power Save Computers: Set your computers to power save mode. This way, when you walk away for a few minutes, it automatically goes into low gear until you return.
  6. Use Lunchboxes: Ditch the brown bag lunches (even if the bags look recycled) in favor of lunchboxes. These can be cleaned and used incessantly and no trees were killed in the process.
  7. Lower Water Temperature: Dial back the temp on your water heater. You don’t need a piping hot shower when a plain old hot or very warm one will do. The safety bonus to this is that little kids who turn on the water won’t be in danger of scalding themselves.
  8. Walk Instead of Ride: Once or twice a week, leave the car keys (and the car) home and walk where you can: to school, to stores, to church, to friends. The bonus will be a nice little workout in the process.
  9. Recycle School Papers: If your school is not yet paperless, save whatever handouts and notices come home with your children. Staple together sheets so their blank backsides face up and use this “notebook” for scratch and note paper at home.
  10. Turn Off the Lights: Play lights out in your house and encourage the kids to turn off lights when they leave a room. The child with the least amount of “lights left on” marks at the end of a week, earns a special reward like a TV or electronics pass (extra time to play).

For more eco-friendly tips, check out Poshmom!

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