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Impress guests with these fruit decorations perfect for your kitchen, living room and beyond!

There is nothing more delicious than fresh fruit, but have you ever thought of using it as fun home décor? From lemons and limes to oranges and grapes, you can use any fruit to make gorgeous decorations for your home or make centerpieces for parties! Simply pick your favorite fresh fruits and get creative! Try these top 10 fruit decoration ideas and wow guests! Plus, you can eat it! What’s better than that?

10 Fruity Decorations to Try

Simple Tall Lemon Vase: Using a tall vase, fill it with lemons to the top. This is a simple decoration idea that can take any kitchen or party table to the next level! The bright yellow color will instantly put you in a bright, summer mood...anytime of year!

Grape and Nectarine Décor: On your kitchen table or on your party tables, scatter purple grapes and nectarines in the middle of the table on top of a doily. The lovely deep color of the purple grapes and the red of the nectarine create an irresistible centerpiece. You could even scatter the fruit around a candle for an extra dramatic look!

Pears and White Branches: In a large vase, fill the bottom half with pears followed by artfully sticking in white branches. This is a fabulous rustic look and can even be used as a centerpiece for a warm weather wedding!

Marbles and Fruit: In your chosen large vase, fill the bottom with about an inch or two of marbles. Pick 2-3 different types of fruits with bright colors and place inside the vase, leaving room near the top. Finally, pour in clean, fresh water into the large vase until your fruity design reaches the top. Be careful as you pour so you don’t mess up the design.

Seasonal Bowl: With each season comes new fruit (and vegetables) prime for cooking and decorating! Highlight the current season by taking a wooden bowl and filling it with colorful, seasonal fruits. Place a scented candle in the center, such as cinnamon or pumpkin  for Fall, or lemon or peach for Spring. Lace the bowl and fruit with twigs and flowers that also highlight the time of year.


Orange and Cinnamon Sticks: This is a great décor idea to transition into fall. In a wicker basket, fill it with fresh oranges and place cinnamon sticks here and there until you are happy with the look. Not only is it pretty, but the smell will just engulf your home! 

Cranberry Candles: In a clear candle holder, pour in fresh cranberries ¾ of the way and then place a votive candle inside, centered in the cranberries. You could also add a splash of water to the candle holder to make the cranberries slightly float. This is perfect for Summer, Fall, Christmas, Valentine’s Day and more! Use it year-round! 

Picnic Basket Apples: Taking a small picnic basket, place the classic red checkered picnic blanket inside, and letting the ends of the blanket stick out. Inside, fill it to the rim with red and green apples. We love this centerpiece idea if you are hosting an outdoor party. It’s also a centerpiece that’s good enough to eat!

Pineapple and Coconuts: In a large crystal bowl, place two full pineapples and two coconuts. Take those fun colorful umbrellas and stick throughout the design. If you are hosting a fun luau party, place this on the party table and allow people to grab an umbrella for their fruity drinks!

Mini Strawberry Cakestands: Place fresh strawberries on four mini cakestands. Place a bouquet of red and white roses in the center of your table and surround the flowers with the cake stands of strawberries for a deep red, dramatic look! 

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