iranian-beauty-100-years-mainPhoto Credit: YouTube

Beautiful and impactful are two words I would use to describe Cut's new (and now viral) video showcasing Iranian beauty trends. 

Their "100 Years of Beauty" series have already shown us the fabulous ways black and white American women worked makeup and hair over the past century. Now we're going overseas to a country and culture that has dominated headlines and mystified outsiders. 

And for me, a 20-something Iranian-American woman, it was an intriguing way to see how my family and ancestors likely got their glam on!

The video is short yet informative on how women in Iran's "look" has evolved and changed over 100 years. Though the video is more about makeup, hair and sense of style, it hopefully has shown those not too familiar with Iran that its women are not and have not always been the stereotypical image of fully-covered, black clothed beings. 

I can tell you from personal experience that Iranian women love style and beauty. My mother's closet could make Anna Wintour melt. Plus we're blessed with plenty of hair for braiding, teasing and well... the video will show you what I mean. 

Check out how beautiful, daring and exciting Iranian beauty has been over the past 100 years, with several trends reflecting Western decade style as well as Iran's varying political climates. 

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