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10th-anniversary-of-the-worlds-largest-cookieMAINjpgThe World’s Biggest Cookie turns 10!

Immaculate Baking Company decided to take on a task that no other company could have ever imagined. On May 17, 2003, Immaculate Baking baked the World’s Biggest Cookie that ended up being 102 feet wide, shattering the previous record of 80 feet.

How did they do it you ask? Well, they succeeded with a lot of hard work and a huge love for baking!

Record-Breaking Cookie

The idea for creating the World’s Biggest Cookie was based on a cause that was, and is still, close to the founders' hearts. Immaculate Baking Company had the vision of creating a folk art museum. This museum would showcase folk art to help promote the artists' abilities and artistic visions.

But, in order to build and maintain a museum for the Folk Artist’s Foundation, they needed one major piece of the puzzle: funding. In order to fund their project, Immaculate Baking Company decided to bake the World’s Biggest Cookie to spread the word about the museum.


It took them about 40,000 pounds of ingredients and months of research and design. After a bit of rain, they laid out the dough and started the ovens.

10th-anniversary-of-the-worlds-largest-cookie3The oven was called the Big Oven and was made from products that could be purchased at any hardware store. As the cookie started to bake, the hot air expanded to almost fifty feet into the sky. The cookie ended up being 102 feet wide and weighed over 40,000 pounds.

Press and fans came from all over the nation to witness the World’s Biggest Cookie and, of course, to have a taste. They sold slices for $10 each and were able to raise almost $20,000 for their cause.

It is amazing that the Immaculate Baking Company crew was able to complete such a massive task, and all for a cause they believed in.

Happy 10th anniversary to the World's Biggest Cookie!

...craving a chocolate chip cookie now? 

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