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16074-drivers-ed-prep-mainPhoto Credit: FanPop.com

Feeling unprepared for drivers ed? But you want to walk into the class like you own the road, and life in general? Follow these simple steps:


1. Deep breaths: be ready to calm your road rage.

16074-chris-farley-bus-driver-2Photo Credit: Giphy

Although you will probably be the butt of most of the fury. Sorry newcomers, it's just the name of the game. Don't fret, you will soon find out very shortly why patience runs thin on the road.

2. Practice your license photo pose.

drunk-baby-passport-photo-630x368Photo Credit: Reddit

You want a photo that you can look back at and proudly show your friends when you're 20 - "Yea, that was my prime."

3. Get your permit. 

tumblr lj7h6p30lc1qc5ybu-2Photo Credit: Daily Edge

This may sound obvious, but you need a permit to start driving. (Just in case you were driving under the influence of ignorance before.)

4. Bring your permit. 

dontforgetPhoto Credit: Giphy

Not only do you need to get a permit but you also need to have it ON you for your drives. This means you shouldn't leave the house without it. So tie it to a string or tape it to your pocket. Wear it as a necklace. Staple it to the back of your shirt. Just do whatever you need to do to remember to bring your permit to every single drive.

5. Learn the basics of driving.

16074-bad-driving-phoebe-ross-friendsPhoto Credit: Giphy

This means you should know things like you only drive with one foot. If you didn't know that yet, stay off the road please and thank you.

6. Master the art of outsmarting and spotting the cops.

16074-superbad-driving-copsPhoto Credit: Tumblr

7. Get comfortable shoes for your drives. 

16074-cher-clueless-drivingPhoto Credit: Tumblr

Don't pull a Cher from Clueless...

8. Bring snacks for class. 

bringsnacksPhoto Credit: Sodahead

...not the road. Multitasking is an art, and no matter how much we like to think so, we are not all artists. Sorry, Chipotle but that burrito will have to wait. 

9. Learn how to fake it 'til you make it. 

staycalmPhoto Credit: Tumblr

Find your driving poker face and practice it in the mirror. Confidence is everything, no matter how questionable your driving skills are.

10. Have the parental guided freak out drives BEFORE you start drivers ed. 

parentPhoto Credit: Superunleaded

Back seat drivers not welcome.

11. Master your driver attitude.

drivetudePhoto Credit: Giphy

Help them "ghost ride the whip"... and if you need to know what that means, check out Urban Dictionary. 

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