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Making a resolution or goal for an entire year all at once can be slightly overwhelming! That's  a lot of change, after all, so we suggest breaking down the year into more manageable chunks and making monthly resolutions. 

If that seems appealing to you, consider going one step further and making goals with clear deliverables instead of resolutions or promises to yourself. After all, you're no doubt used to getting assignments to complete with an expected result - do that with your personal life too!  


Create a holistic health and diet plan that you can realistically stick to through 2017. If this seems a little too broad and perhaps overwhelming, resolve to create the plan itself - you can't make a change or complete a project without an agenda or task list, of course! 


Pay attention to your heart health in two very different ways. First, get aware by getting a check up and paying attention to the actual health of your heart, and by taking the time to assess and focus on the relationships nearest and dearest to your heart in the form of taking care of your mental health.

This goal can come in the form of making appointments with the necessary doctors and professionals, and/or scheduling some time for a heart-to-heart with the people who matter to you the most. 


It's spring cleaning time! Celebrate the new growth of the season by deep cleaning your home and surroundings (or hiring someone else to do it - we don't judge!). It's also a good time to clear out and donate all the things that you don't use anymore - you'll be happy to have the space. Set aside enough time to clear out at least one closet during the month and give your kitchen and bathrooms a good deep clean. 


Do all of the home design and DIY projects you've been putting off. It's the perfect time - your place should be all clean and organized from your spring refresh in March, plus it's getting nice enough to do some work outside. In April, plan to accomplish at least DIY or craft project - big or small, it'll feel awesome to look at something and know "I made that!"


Plant a garden - and yes, even houseplants or a window box counts! Bring something green into your life, and nurture it -that's one option for May's goals.

Or alternatively, bring something that's also (usually) green into your home in the form of better finances through budgeting, savings plans, and other improvements to your financial health. Sign up for a program like Mint, talk to an accountant or other professional, or otherwise assess and take control of your money. Block out the time, make the appointments and create an accountability plan - that's your project for this month. 


Make this be the summer of new experiences, whether you travel to a new and exciting destination or simply discover new and interesting things to do in your hometown. During the month of June, resolve to visit at least four places you've never been before, whether these are big as exploring a new country or as small as trying a new restaurant or visiting a new boutique.


No summers off! Use this time to proactively look ahead to where you want to be in your career and determine new ways to add to your value like ongoing education programs and classes, new skills you can learn, and similar types of things.

In July, focus on improving your skills and sign up for a seminar, workshop, or even a book club or meetup group centered around one of your hobbies. It's never too late to learn something new.


At the end of summer, use the relatively relaxed pace of life to take a vacation or simply spend quality time with your loved ones - schedule dinners, days at the park or beach, or similar. Take some time to get together with a friend or family member that you don't see often at least once a week during August, even if you have to use Facetime or Skype to hangout. 


The back to school feeling isn't limited to students. Use the seasonal sales to refresh and restock your wardrobe, office supplies, and anything else you need to be super successful. In addition, get that scholarly feeling by picking up a book - any book - that you've been meaning to read. That's your September resolution - read at least one book that's unrelated to your job. 


The fall is the perfect time to make some serious comfort food, or at least to stay in and cook. Plan to try at least five new recipes or perfect some old favorites - either way, October is the month for staying and cooking old favorites and/or discovering new techniques. 


Being grateful is one of the keys to happiness and success, and with Thanksgiving on the calendar, this is the perfect month to really focus on what you're thankful for. Try meditating, start a gratitude journal, or simply make a list of the things you're thankful for in your life in general and 2017 in particular. 


"Tis the season" for merriment and celebration! However, it is also the season to wrap everything up and put a bow on the year, so get everything in order like your finances, any doctor's appointments that you need to get on the calendar, and anything else that simply can't wait until next year. After all, starting the new year with a clean slate and a set of goals is always a great idea.

Of course, you don't have to limit yourself to these suggestions or stick to this exact schedule. However, if the idea of making a series of goals appeals to you more than making a bunch of different resolutions, this type of calendar might be the way to go. 

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