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1. Vampy lip liner, bleached hair, thinly drawn-on eyebrows, frosted blue eyeshadow and tiny hair clips were all the rage in beauty.

2. You and your friends just knew your futures could be foreseen by a paper fortune teller.

3. You saw Titanic in a movie theater and dreamed about Leo DiCaprio pretty much for the next decade.

kate-winslet-leonardo-dicaprio-in-TITANIC-3D-Photo Credit: Paramount Pictures

4. You weren’t embarrassed to admit that you knew all the Spice Girls' songs and secretly wanted to be Posh Spice when your friends dressed up as them for Halloween

 5. You spent a lot of time in AOL chat rooms wishing your crush would message you.

6. You had an unhealthy obsession with Buffy the Vampire Slayer


7. Frosted tips did not make a guy less attractive.

8. You played Where In The World Is Carmen Santiago?

9. You mastered the Macarena and might have even had a Macarena-themed party.

10. You had some variation of the Rachel at one point.

article-2192882-14ABEDA2000005DC-9 964x565Photo Credit: NBC

11. The cool girls wore tattoo chokers. The more the better.

12. You owned VCR tapes and had to rewind them to rewatch your favorite movies

Ultimate Test: You know all the words to the Fresh Prince of Bel Air theme song.

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