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12-surprising-places-germs-live-the-mostGerms are everywhere. Yes, there too!

Germs are bad. Germs are mean. Germs are everywhere, it seems. You wouldn’t believe some of the places germs hide. To help you protect yourself and your family from germs, here are some 12 surprising places germs live the most.

12 Places Germs Hide

  1. Restaurant menus: Everyone has touched a menu. What did you do with you hands before you touched the menu? What did the other thousand people who touched the menu do? Remember you have to consider the waiters who use the washroom at work and handle all types of food and the silverware, too. Some places “wipe down” their menus but it’s maybe once a day with the same germy towel that give the tables a once over. It’s a scary thought.
  2. Contact lens case: It seems harmless but there are germs lurking there. That’s why you should always throw out used solution, wash and refill your case with new solution.
  3. Bed linen: Admit it, you don’t always get into bed when you’re fresh. It’s natural that night after night, morning after morning, your bed is a haven for germs and bacteria…especially your pillow case.
  4. Toothbrushes: This goes without saying but the mouth is heavy with natural and some unnatural bacteria. It collects a days worth of food and germs and does so repeatedly. Let’s not mention the fecal bacteria toothbrushes can collect because of where it’s located. It's suggested you keep your toothbrush far from where the toilet flushes, or even put a protective case over it. 
  5. Door knobs and light switches: Need we say more? The touching by so many hands is germ-city.
  6. Dishwasher: If you don’t wash your dishes right away, bacteria builds up in the dishwasher from the left over food on your silverware, plates and cups. Rinse them with a bleach solution first if you do not plan to wash them soon.
  7. Electronics and TV remote: The germs and bacteria under your fingernails and on your hands transfer over onto your laptop and keyboards. Wherever you place your electronic devices, germs and bacteria easily surround them. At hotels when using those devices, take a plastic baggie to put over them. 
  8. Sponges: Sponges soak up bacteria. When they’re wet, it’s even worse.
  9. Wet clothes: Clothes that sit in a washer start smelling and it is definitely an open sea for germs. Even as you dry them, the germs remain in the washer and can contaminate if you will, your next load.
  10. Makeup bag: Ladies, your makeup if full of pretty colors but if you only knew what lived inside. There is no doubt microorganisms living on your blush and its brush. That’s why cleaning them often instead of letting the product build up should become habit.
  11. Workout gloves: Sweat build up and the germs from other people touching the workout equipment makes workout or lifting gloves makes a home for germs.
  12. Gym equipment: Just like restaurant menus, door knobs and the TV remote, so many people have touched the equipment with their sweaty hands that millions of bacteria and microorganism live there.

Be mindful when you're out or even at home and take the proper precautions to keep yourself germ free.

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