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When it comes to the treatment and prevention of cancer, you're bound to hear lot of tall tales and half truths. As one of the most serious health issues for women, there are a ton of misconceptions about breast cancer that need to be busted.

Stop worrying about these 15 breast cancer myths and instead focus on staying safe and healthy!

Only women with a history of breast cancer can get it

About 70 percent of cases have no identifiable risk factors so women without a family history can get breast cancer. However, for those with a parent, sibling or child who have had breast cancer, their risk almost doubles. 

Bras cause cancer

11652 BraMythFalse! Many women believe that bras with underwire or bras that are too tight cause cancer but this has been scientifically found untrue! 

Most lumps are cancerous

Many women will find lumps while giving themselves exams at home but 80 percent of lumps found are not cancerous. While it's important to get any lump appearance evaluated, having a lump by itself is no reason to panic. 

Breast implants cause cancer

Research proves that women who have breast implants are at no greater risk than those without. But it is true that sometimes standard mammograms don’t work as well so X-rays are usually used.

Deodorant increases your risk

The American Cancer Society busted this myth but did admit that additional studies are 11652 Deoderantneeded. Parabens are used in deodorants and have weak estrogen-like properties but there’s been no scientific cause-and-effect for this. 

Women with smaller breasts have a lower risk

There’s no connection to your cup size and your risk rate. But very large breasts are harder to examine. 

Getting a mastectomy makes you cancer-free

Many believe that once you get a mastectomy, you’re cancer-free but some women do get breast cancer afterwards. It can occur at the site of the scar or it may have spread.

Breast cancer is the leading cause of death for women

Actually, strokes, lung cancer and chronic lower respiratory disease are responsible for more. 

Being overweight doesn’t increase your risk

Quite the contrary. Many studies show that being overweight or obesity increases your risk, especially if you are past menopause. 

Having an abortion raises your chance

Abortions are believed to disrupt hormones, therefore increasing your chances of breast cancer but studies have found no positive link.  

Caffeine raises your risk

Don’t put that cup of joe down just yet. Caffeine does not increase your risk. Alternatively, it 11652 CoffeeMythmay actually lower your risk!

Breast cancer is preventable

Technically, yes and no... Women of all ages can lower their risk by losing weight, exercising, learning about breast exams, and living a healthy lifestyle. 

Breast cancer is always a lump

Lumps can be cancerous but are not the only form of breast cancer. Changes in shape, color or size can be early warning signs. 

It doesn’t affect African American women

While it’s true breast cancer is more predominant in Caucasian women, African American women are still at risk. All women should be conscious and aware to the signs of breast cancer.

Men can’t get breast cancer

Although it’s rare, men can get breast cancer too. Treatments are the same and men have the same symptoms as women. 


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