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For the most important meal of the day, you need to make smart choices. 

It's important to make the right decisions at breakfast so you don't detour or stall your fitness progress. Choosing healthier options at breakfast may be the difference in packing on a few pounds than burning them. Dr. Lisa Davis, the Vice President of Scientific and Clinical Affairs at Medifast, exposes 15 of the worst breakfast habits people often make.

15 Breakfast Mistakes that Can Cause Weight Gain 

  1. Tasting: Even if you don’t eat the whole thing, just by tasting one of the treats your coworkers brought in curbs fitness goals. Too often we say "I’ll just taste it" when we can just say no.
  2. Juice: Drinking your calories is an easy way to build fat. A lot of store bought juices are loaded with sugar. Instead of downing orange juice, eat an orange and drink water!
  3. Resist bagels, pastries, and sweet/sugary cereals: Just don't fall victim to the sweetness.
  4. Coffee: You don’t have to forego your morning cup of joe. Coffee is OK, just limit your cups.
  5. Coffee ad-ons: What makes coffee bad for you is loading your cup full of creams and sugars and having multiple cups.


  6. Skipping breakfast: Just don’t do it. If you’re running behind and need something fast, grab some nuts. It’s a healthy snack that does the trick. Stock up on nuts and other healthy snacks for moments like this.
  7. Servings: Make sure you get in a serving of fruit, whole-grain cereal, veggies, and low-fat protein a day at breakfast. It’s an easy way to keep track of what you eat. Eating these at breakfast gets all the essentials in. Don’t overdue it, make sure you are also tracking your calories intake.
  8. Dismissing the vending machine: Sometimes vending machines sell yogurt, peanuts, which we already said is a good snack. Did you know a hand full of peanuts will make you feel fuller longer than a donut? If there’s a convenience store near your workplace, get some string cheese, yogurt or protein bar from there.
  9. Filling up: Pancakes and waffles taste awesome but they are a no-no at breakfast. Loaded with syrup = can’t be good for you. Fill up on whole-grain cereal or toast, protein rich yogurt, lean meats and egg whites. You’ll feel full and it’ll last longer than a stack of pancakes.


  10. Be smarter at the buffet: Don’t stuff your face at the all you can eat buffet. Start with what you know is good for you and stick with it: lean meats, eggs, salmon, veggies. Stay away from the pastries.
  11. Remember this: "Eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince, and dinner like a pauper."
  12. Breakfast bars: Don’t rely on them. Breakfast bars are easy to eat n-the-go but have a lot more sugar than you should eat in a week’s time. Peanut bitter on a simple piece of whole-grain bread is a better option.
  13. Brunch cocktails: Limit them. Go easy on the alcohol consumption because alcohol = calories. A shot of vodka goes a long way at about 100 calories.
  14. Mandatory meal: Make breakfast mandatory. Make it a must every morning!
  15. Drink water: Drink at least a glass of water every morning.
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