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Drinks International named 16 U.S. bars on it's coveted Top 50 list. 

Europeans are known for having a rich culture, exquisite taste in food and drink, and the uncanny ability to have a good time. It’s no surprise that the top bars and restaurants are located across the Atlantic Ocean. This year, however, American bars have risen up the ranks, proving that Europeans aren’t the only ones who know how to party!

Each year, Drinks International compiles a list of 50 of the best bars all over the world. This year, they released their list of the World’s 50 Best Bars at a London ceremony. Out of the 50 international bars listed, 16 of them come from the good ol’ U.S. of A.

Among the top contenders were New York City’s Dead Rabbit, Attaboy, and Employee’s Only, along with Seattle’s Canon. Other U.S. cities that made the list include Chicago’s The Aviary, San Francisco’s Smuggler’s Cove, Boston’s Drink, and Miami’s Broken Shaker.

The rest of the World’s Best Bars are listed below. Did your favorite local hotspot make the cut? Let us know in the comments! If not, the fact that 16 of the world’s best bars are located in our homeland calls for a toast!

  1. The Artesian (London)
  2. Dead Rabbit (New York)
  3. Nightjar (London)
  4. Attaboy (New York)
  5. Employees Only (New York)
  6. Canon (Seattle)
  7. Baxter Inn (Sydney)
  8. American Bar, Savoy (London)
  9. High Five (Tokyo)
  10. 28 Hong Kong Street (Singapore)
  11. Connaught Bar (London)
  12. Happiness Forgets (London)
  13. The Aviary (Chicago)
  14. Nomad Bar, Nomad Hotel (New York)
  15. Nottingham Forrest (Milan)
  16. Smuggler's Cove (San Francisco)
  17. Candelaria (Paris)
  18. PDT (New York)
  19. Bulletin Place (Sydney)
  20. White Lyan (London)
  21. Buck & Breck (Berlin)
  22. Broken Shaker (Miami)
  23. 69 Colebrooke Row (London)
  24. Hemingway Bar (Prague)
  25. Le Lion Bar de Paris (Hamburg)
  26. Door 74 (Amsterdam)
  27. Three Dots and a Dash (Chicago)
  28. The Jerry Thomas Speakeasy (Rome)
  29. Chainaya Tea & Cocktails (Moscow)
  30. Everleigh (Melbourne)
  31. Eau de Vie (Sydney)
  32. Bramble (Edinburgh)
  33. Trick Dog (San Francisco)
  34. Dry Martini (Barcelona)
  35. Clover Club (New York)
  36. Drink (Boston)
  37. Black Pearl (Australia)
  38. Schumann's (Munich)
  39. Floreia Atlantico (Buenos Aires)
  40. Star Bar, Ginza (Tokyo)
  41. Delicatessen (Moscow)
  42. Quinary (Hong Kong)
  43. Cure (New Orleans)
  44. Tales and Spirits (Amsterdam)
  45. Maison Premiere (New York)
  46. La Capilla (Mexico)
  47. Limantour (Mexico City)
  48. Shady Pines (Sydney)
  49. Callooh Callay (London)
  50. Williams and Graham (Denver) 
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