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17-facts-you-didnt-know-about-your-bodyThink you know your body well? Well, these facts about your amazing human body will blow your mind!

Your body is an amazing thing. With over 640 muscles and over 200 bones, it is truly your precious asset. Women live longer than men and the average lifespan worldwide is 69 years. But those are the only cool facts...

Here are 17 other amazing things that you didn't know about your body.

Can You Sniff Out a Man a Mile Away!

  1. Your stomach acids are strong enough to melt zinc.
  2. If you took all the capillaries in your lungs, the would span from Chicago. Illinois to almost Phoenix, Arizonia
  3. Men produce enough sperm each day to populate another planet with 10 million people!
  4. Human bone is so strong is can bear the weight of eight Volkswagon Beetles. One cubic inch of the femur bone and bear loads of over 8.6 tons.
  5. Your skin is the largest organ of the body and you lose approximately 40 pounds of it during your life.
  6. You are taller in the morning than before bedtime. Graity compresses the body and fluids are restored to your joints and muscles while you sleep to lengthen your body.
  7. Your eyes work harder than your legs contracting muscles in any given day and they process 36,000 bits of information an hour.
  8. Your eyes use the most brainpower than any other part of your body They use approximately 65% of your brain power.
  9. Your artery and veins if put together and stretched out into one long line would wrap around the world to a length of 25,000+ miles.
  10. A one inch square size of skin can grow 100 times the size of it's original in just a few weeks. That could be a football field of skin.
  11. Your stomach reflects your face. If you are blushing in your face, the stomach is also red.
  12. There are more sweat glands in your hands or feet than in your armpits. More than 500,00 in your feet and 25,000 in your hands
  13. Saliva production varies per person each day from 2 cups to 2 quarts of saliva.
  14. Although women start their life with about 2 million ovaries, she'll only have 1/4 of that number by puberty and only 10 percent will ever have possibility of life.
  15. A woman's nose can smell a man a mile away and remember approximately 50,00 0 different smells.
  16. Your heart doesn't stop when you sneeze but the power of one sneeze can be up to 650 miles per hour - faster than some airplanes.
  17. You lose up to 45,000 strands of hair each year and more at the change of fall and spring.

Protect your best asset with healthy eating and daily movement. You are a walking miracle!

For more work by Andrea, check out her website!

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