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17-reasons-moms-are-amazing-header-2She raised you, nurtured you, and is now your best friend. This Mother’s Day, show her how much you appreciate her! Moms are amazing and there are so many reasons why mother knows best. Share with your mom this year why you think she is so incredible and why you are so lucky to have her. 

17 Reasons Why Moms Are Amazing

  1. She’s always right.“That boy is bad news. I have a bad feeling about him”. Or she would tell you during your tough high school years that it’s only 4 years of your life and it will get better. We never believed her or listened, but we should have!
  2. She's your best shopping buddy. Sure, your girlfriends are fun to shop with but nobody knows your style better than your mom!
  3. She’s always there for you. Friends and boys come and go, but your mom is always there for you through heartache and excitement.
  4. She prepared you for the world. Without your mom, you wouldn’t be as successful as you are. She prepared you for your future!
  5. She made you do your homework. Even when you didn’t want to, you realize how important education truly is.
  6. You’re a great mom or will be because of her. You saw how a mom should act and treat her kids. When it’s your time to become a mommy, you’ll be prepared.
  7. She’s the best babysitter. Whether you have kids, a dog, or a goldfish, your mom is always willing to be a babysitter!
  8. She knows you better than you know yourself! You'll go through a lot of seasons of change, but she'll always remember watching you grow up.
  9. She’d happily watch a romantic comedy with you any time. Movie nights with your mom are the best!
  10. She will always take your calls. When your mom sees your name on her caller ID, she can’t wait to chat with you!
  11. She knows when you’re lying. You can’t get anything past your mom. When we were teenagers trying to lie about going to a party, sure we were mad she always caught us, but we thank her every day for it now.
  12. She loves you more than you know. You will never have someone in your life who loves you as much as your mom does.
  13. She got you on your feet. As you struggled in today’s job market looking for a career, your mom always supported you financially - and helped you out with invaluable emotional and mental support as well. 
  14. She’s the best matron of honor. It’s your wedding day and who better to have stand up there with you as your matron of honor than your mother!  
  15. She brags about you. No matter what age you are and no matter what’s going on in your life, she will always brag about you to family and friends. Nobody else does that!
  16. She will call you during the commercials of your favorite show. You watch your favorite reality show together from your own houses but always talk about the amazing drama during the ads.
  17. She showered you with love and presents! Christmas or birthdays at your mom’s house were always full of joy and the best gifts!

Our moms are so amazing that there is no way we can write down all the reasons! But we can try - and if you need some inspiration for your Mother's Day gift or card, why not try to write down all the unique reasons that your mom is amazing! 

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