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  • How To Make 2017 Amazing...

    How To Make 2017 Amazing...

    It's a New Year - and therefore it's time for a new you! An upgraded version, at least. Here are seventeen things that you can do to make 2017 your best year yet.

  • Read All The Books

    Read All The Books

    Okay, maybe not all the books, but at least all the ones you've been meaning to get to over the years. Try making a list of all the titles that you actually want to read (not the ones that you think you should read) and plan to invest some time in literary pursuits in 2017.

  • Keep The Old: Reconnect With Old Friends

    Keep The Old: Reconnect With Old Friends

    We've all got a few friends who we wished that we've stayed in touch with more - and with social media, we all have the excuse that we're "watching" what they are doing with their lives. However, is that really good enough? Resolve to spend some quality real life time with your friends in 2017, and keep those old friendships and connections going strong.

  • Take More Walks

    Take More Walks

    Stop and smell the roses...literally. Taking the time to take a walk and notice all the interesting little details and moments that make life beautiful can reduce stress and improve your overall health and state of mind. 

  • Give Your Financial Health A Check-Up

    Give Your Financial Health A Check-Up

    Many of us don't think about about the health of our finances until there is an emergency; however, it is quite similar to your physical health in that you should get regular checkups to make sure that everything is running smoothly and catch any problems before they start.

    Start 2017 off on the right financial foot by performing an annual exam of sorts on your finances and setting a budget - or financial health plan - that will help you accomplish your goals in the new year. 

  • Make Time For A Makeover

    Make Time For A Makeover

    This doesn't necessarily have to a be a whole new wardrobe or a complete change in hairstyle (although it definitely can be!), but rather taking a fresh look at your personal style and making any necessary updates to make it more you

  • Give Sobriety A Chance

    Give Sobriety A Chance

    While we love a good cocktail or glass of wine, there's also no denying the fact these indulgences are not particularly good for you. Why not try cutting them out for a month or longer - you might see some surprising benefits. 

  • Start Getting Involved

    Start Getting Involved

    Making time to get involved and participate in your community has a lot of benefits - not only for the people around you, but for your individual happiness as well. We know that human beings are social creatures - and you might be surprised at how fulfilled, satisfied, and engaged you feel by actively becoming involved with causes that you care about.

  • Break Down Your Goals

    Break Down Your Goals

    Big dreams are great - and you should definitely have them! However, if your magnificent goals seem daunting at times, you might want to break them down into more manageable chunks. Something about accomplishing smaller tasks relatively quickly can be really motivating - and before you know it, you've reached the end goal! 

  • Understand That Children Are The Future...

    Understand That Children Are The Future...

    Spending time with children can brighten your day and improve your outlook - plus children are the future! Whether they are your own, your nieces and nephews, friend's kids, or even as part of a volunteering opportunity, take the time and make the effort to engage with the next generation in 2017.
  • Stand Up For A Good Cause

    Stand Up For A Good Cause

    We all have causes that are near and dear to our hearts. That said, you might make the biggest difference by picking the one that means the most to you and focusing your charity time, energy, and money on that particular cause or issue. 

  • Go On An Actual Vacation

    Go On An Actual Vacation

    And by real vacation, we mean where you are fully present and not plugged into your phone or laptop. This can take the form of jetting off to somewhere fabulous, or taking a staycation and unplugging your wifi. 

  • Skip The Social Media

    Skip The Social Media

    There's something pretty positive to be said for going on a social media cleanse or cutting way back on the amount of time you spend online. Take a break from Facebook, Instagram, or similar and stop comparing your life to everyone else's highlight reel for a moment. 

  • Get A Real World Planner

    Get A Real World Planner

    There's something about having something that you can carry around and hold in your hands that just makes the tasks and checklists feel more real - and you definitely feel more accomplished when you check things off.

  • Learn Something New Every Day

    Learn Something New Every Day

    Whether it is a major event or shift in thinking or something small (you can always check out "Today I Learned" websites or get a Word of the Day calendar), try to learn something new every single day of 2017.
  • And Put That In Your Journal

    And Put That In Your Journal

    Maintaining a journal allows for self reflection - you can look back on all you've accomplished and what you've learned from it It can also be cathartic - you can get all your problems and emotions out there on the page!. Whether you choose a bullet journal 

  • Live In The Present

    Live In The Present

    "Live in the present" is a common mantra - and it's great advice! However, most of us don't actually follow it, and we're often too plugged in (mentally and/or physically) in order to actually follow that advice. Let 2017 be the year that you actually focus on living in the now. 

  • But Reflect On The Past

    But Reflect On The Past

    Understanding where you're been, having gratitude for the good things that have happened to you, and learning from mistakes are all essential to a great future. It's important to take some time to reflect on the past as you look forward to a brand new year!

  • Positive Vibes For 2017!

    Positive Vibes For 2017!

    Finally, all of these goals and resolutions require some serious good vibes - so here's to positive vibes only in 2017!
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