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Relationships are both joyous and tough. The thing that can get tricky in a relationship is everything. Keeping the spark alive in the relationship, communicating effectively, and spending quality time together are all just bits and pieces that make successful couples strong. There a number of things successful couples do to keep things going strong, take a look at this list of 18 things to do in your relationship for success.

What Do Successful Couples Do?

  1. They respect each other.
  2. They have Class-A communication skills.
  3. They take responsibility for their own actions.
  4. They make time for each other.
  5. They never stop dating.
  6. They share the same values.
  7. They resolve conflict through love.
  8. They fight with skill and don’t freak out over fights.
  9. They celebrate each other’s successes.
  10. They’re open to each other and listen to each other.
  11. They’re committed to growing together.
  12. They work together on improving themselves individually and as a couple.
  13. They don’t beat around the bush.
  14. They support each other fully and are positive about each other.
  15. They exercise together.
  16. They forgive.
  17. They have and follow their own interests.
  18. They compromise and work together.

So...with this in mind, what will you take with you to improve your relationship? 

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