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Startups valued at $1 billion early on in their development are known in the entrepreneurial community as 'unicorns.' These unicorns tend to use their massive resources to attract top tier talent with highly competitive salaries. 

Here's a look at some of the most jaw-dropping first paychecks you'll receive when working for five of these unicorns, via glassdoor.com.  

jawbone-logoJawbone - Median salary: $130,000

This wearable fitness tracker has blown up in recent years and is now valued at a whopping $3 billion. The app tracks your steps, sleep, and other health-related metrics. 



pinterestlogoPinterest - Median salary: $118,420 

This social media superstar not only helps parents with creating fun Halloween costumes but also pays its employees some pretty hefty sums. Now entering the world of online shopping, Pinterest is valued at $11 billion to date. 



DropboxLOGODropbox - Median salary: $116,840

One of the early pioneers in the world of cloud computing, Dropbox made sharing files easier than ever. Thanks to all that early success, the tech giant has a ton of money to throw around to its entry-level employees. 



CreditKarmaLOGOCredit Karma - Media Salary: $111,760

Don't let those low-budget tv commercials fool you - Credit Karma is a startup giant. Valued at $3.5 billion, Credit Karma is quickly rising up this list. 



UberLOGOUber - Median Salary: $101,600

Possibly the most headline-grabbing name on this list, Uber has been raking it in with a $51 billion valuation. The controversial and widely-used rideshare application has dominated the game in the United States and intends to set its sights on China next. 

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