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Got a few minutes? That’s all it takes to get a handle on your home, office or personal life and get it all organized.

These innovative ideas are quick solutions to your everyday problems like clutter, kitchen messes or your obsession with never throwing anything out. Take it one day at a time and get your life in order. Plus, organizing can be fun with these tips. 

  1. Tackle one room at a room. Work on your dresser, then a nightstand, your closet and then stop. Tackle another room a different day.
  2. Get motivated to organize or clean by playing some music.
  3. Sort things into piles: Throw away, put away, give away, sell and keep.
  4. If it takes you longer than a minute to decide if you should keep it- toss it. And if you haven’t used it in 6 months, toss it. 
  5. Rip out articles or recipes from magazines you want to save but toss out the magazines. 
  6. Dedicate one drawer in your home to important documents like bills, social security cards and other important files. 
  7. Instead of keeping documents you don’t need but are too nervous to toss, shred it! 
  8. Remove items off counters, unless you use them on a daily basis. If you don’t, put in cabinets and drawers. 
  9. Utilize baskets. Baskets are great for shoes, toiletries and other items. 
  10. Use labels on baskets and boxes so you know where everything is. 
  11. Don’t have a lot of room? Hang items! Hang up cookware, jewelry and cooking utensils. 
  12. Keep a bowl on a table near your front door to catch loose items like car keys or spare change. 
  13. Use a hanging letter holder on your wall for important letters or bills. 
  14. Before you set something down, think to yourself, “Is there where this belongs?” If not, take the extra minute to put it where it belongs.
  15. Buy a journal and each day make a to-do list.  
  16. Take advantage of empty suitcases. If you need some extra storage space, fill them. 
  17. Wrap a plastic bag around your shifter in your car for trash so it doesn’t pile up on your car floor. 
  18. Go through your cabinets and fridge every month and check expiration dates. Toss expired items, make a meal using some canned goods or donate the canned goods. 
  19. Keep your holiday decorations in different boxes and label them so you can easily keep track of your décor. 
  20. If you make a mess, clean it up now as opposed to tackling it later. 
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