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2014-cma-awards-highlights-of-the-nightThe 48th annual Country Music Awards kept audiences laughing, singing and dancing along to country's biggest hits. Kenny Chesney commenced the night with his sit single "American Kids." 

The light-hearted, patriotic performance was followed by a collaborative performance of "All About That Bass" sung by Megan Trainor along with Miranda Lambert. Hubby Blake Shelton smiled on as his wife took the temporary turn into pop.

Routine hosts Carrie Underwood and Brad Paisley took the stage and welcomed back an audience full of country’s biggest stars. Their hilarious opening sketch had the audience and fans at home laughing up until Steven Tyler presented the first award of the night for Single of the Year. 

Paisley and Underwood’s opening numbers included "Jolene" by Dolly Parton, then transitioned into a rendition called "Quarantine" in which Ebola was the butt of the joke. Brad then begged Underwood to share the sex of her baby to be.

She told him and Brad proudly proclaimed, "I know something TMZ doesn’t" The 'secret' didn’t’ last long, though! Just moments after, Paisley blew it and spilled the news that Carrie is expecting a boy with husband Mike Fisher.

In all seriousness though, Paisley and Underwood took a moment to help those coping with PPTSD… you know, Postpartum Taylor Swift Disorder. Ever since her exit from the country scene, fans have been facing the pain in her absence from this year’s CMA’s. Brad assured though that Swift is always welcome to come back home.

"There’s always a seat for you here. It’s Blake’s and we’ll kick him out."

The hosts continued to welcome their guests to the show, including maybe Renee Zellweger, because as the hosts joked, "She could be here, how would we know?," referencing to her recent facial transition and perhaps an ode to her short-lived marriage to country royalty Kenny Chesney.

Before exiting the stage, Underwood heard that Garth Brooks would be performing and wondered, "Garth Brooks?! Do you think he’ll sign my baby?!" It is really no wonder that the duo continues to host the acclaimed award show.

The biggest performances from the night included Lady Antebellum’s hit "Bartender," Kacey Musgraves’ performance of "If You’re Lookin at Me," joined by country legend Loretta Lynn, and in another twist of the night, Little Big Town performed with pop sensation Ariana Grande singing "Day Drinking" and Grande’s "Bang Bang." The crowd was on their feet for the collaborative performance.

And in what some are calling television humor and others just plain racist, Paisley confirmed the television lineup.

"If you turned into ABC tonight to catch Black-ish…yeah, this ain’t it. I hope you’re all enjoying White-ish."

After Paisley spilled the baby gender beans, Underwood appeared in a baby blue colored gown later on in the night. Paisley took the opportunity on stage to throw and impromptu baby shower for his co-host.

One gift included some lullabies. "When it’s time to put the baby to sleep, here’s Blake Shelton’s new album," joked Paisley.

Florida Georgia Line took home Duo of the Year again and joked about still being nervous, even the second time around.

Another hit performance of the night was Dierks Bentley who sang his single "Drunk on a Plane," after being introduced by hosts Paisley and Underwood who said they probably won’t plan on flying with the singer who ironically just got his pilot’s license. 

Host Paisley sang "Perfect Storm," while his wife of 11 years, Kimberly Williams-Paisley, lovingly hummed along in the front row. Blake Shelton took the stage immediately after Paisley with his performance of "Lonely Tonight," sung alongside Ashley Munroe.

Mama-to-be Underwood finally took the stage in her fourth exquisite gown of the night. Underwood sang the powerfully vocal number "Something in the Water."

Towards the end of the evening, Vince Gill was honored with the Irving Waugh Award of Excellence. The only other artist to take home the award has been Johnny Cash.

Like in recent years, Miranda Lambert took home Female Artist of the Year while her husband left with Male Artist of the Year. Can we say power couple?

Garth Brooks presented Luke Bryan with Entertainer of the Year... and that’s a wrap on the 48th Annual CMA Awards!

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