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Home Entertainment Red Carpet 2014 Hollywood Film Awards: Top Categories for First Broadcast

2014 Hollywood Film Awards: Top Categories for First Broadcast

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Since 1997, the Hollywood Film Awards have been held off-camera, but this year the award show is making its first-ever TV debut! The 18th annual Hollywood Film Awards will be broadcast on Friday, Nov. 14 as a two-hour special on CBS. It’s time to kick off the award season!

The award show will begin at 7:30 p.m. ET with a special half-hour red carpet show featuring interviews as well as the amazing fashion choices of the stars. After the awards, celebrations will continue with a live one-hour show that will feature interviews with winners and look back at the evening’s highlights.

Below are 18 categories from the award show where winners will be announced during the broadcast.

  1. Hollywood Career Achievement Award
  2. Hollywood Film Award
  3. Hollywood Director Award
  4. Hollywood Actor Award
  5. Hollywood Actress Award
  6. Hollywood Supporting Actor Award
  7. Hollywood Supporting Actress Award
  8. Hollywood Ensemble Award
  9. Hollywood Breakout Performance Actress Award
  10. Hollywood Breakout Performance Actor Award
  11. Hollywood Breakthrough Director Award
  12. New Hollywood Award
  13. Hollywood Screenwriter Award
  14. Hollywood Song Award
  15. Hollywood Animation Award
  16. Hollywood Blockbuster Award
  17. Hollywood Documentary Award
  18. Hollywood Comedy Film Award

The show will be hosted by actress, musician and talk-show host Queen Latifah on Friday at 8 p.m. ET live on CBS. 

Photo Credit: Hollywood Film Awards

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