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Gif Credit: Tumblr

The 2015 MTV Movie Awards was full of shirtless men, interesting fashion and a lot of jokes about Kevin Hart’s height. Now that we’ve all had a moment to let the golden popcorn settle, let’s talk about the best moments from the 2015 MTV Movie Awards!

Amy Schumer’s Spoofs The Year's Biggest Movies

We’re such a sucker for montages and parodies, and the MTV Movie Awards started with just that. Host Amy Schumer embedded herself and her signature raunchy comedy in scenes from this year’s hit movies, which included her crashing a cancer support group meeting in The Fault in Our Stars and stating she already lost her "diverginity" in a parody of Divergent

J.Lo’s Throwing Shade


Gif Credit: Tumblr

When Schumer told a joke about all Latina women going Gone Girl when being cheated on, the award show’s camera men immediately cut to Jennifer Lopez, who gave the same reaction we had at home.

Vin Diesel’s Touching Tribute To Paul Walker

Who knew Vin Diesel could sing? The Furious 7 star showed the audience his vocal range in a beautiful tribute to the late Paul Walker.

Hello Boys... 

Although we weren’t too fond of the cast’s jokes, we were pretty fond of their faces. Also J.Lo convinced Channing Tatum to pop his booty on stage, which alone makes the MTV Movie Awards a success.

Fall Out Boy Brings Music Back To MTV


Gif Credit: Tumblr

It’s always nice to have some music back on MTV, even if it's only during the channel’s movie awards. And Fall Out Boy will always hold a place in our overly eye-lined, band t-shirt wearing hearts. One question though = shouldn't Fall Out Boy have performed their song "Immortal" from the Big Hero 6 soundtrack? It is the MTV Movie awards after all.

The Avengers Present Robert Downey Jr. The Generation Award


Gif Credit: Tumblr

All of The Avenger’s taking a knee during Robert Downey Jr.’s acceptation speech is the best example of #FriendshipGoals we’ve seen since Emma Stone and Jennifer Aniston’s BFF hug at The Oscars.

Zac Efron And Dave Franco Accepting The Best Duo Award


Gif Credit: Tumblr

Although things may have gotten a little scandalous on stage, Zac Efron getting nippled (is that thing?) by Dave Franco dressed as Robert DeNiro will always be hilarious.

Charli XCX’s Wild Performance


Gif Credit: Tumblr

Charlie XCX really pulled out all the stops for her MTV Movie Awards performance. And by all the stops, we mean a giant plastic guitar and a one-armed zebra print jump suit.

Victoria Secret’s Newest Angel


Gif Credit: Tumblr

Rebel Wilson looked heavenly in her giant angel wings, even if she wore them while joking about flashing her lady business to the President.

The Rock's Takes The Stage


Gif Credit: Tumblr

It only seems appropriate that fire bursts from the ground whenever The Rock makes an entrance.  

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