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Companies have been getting creative lately when it comes to finding ways to revamp their office space for the health and efficiency of their employees. We are here to show you some of the best office elements that have proved to be immensely progressive and those that, well, just didn't work. Let's get technical!

Green Walls: Success

office-green-wallPhoto Credit: interiorgardenslv.com

It’s important to bring the outside into your work space to create an organic atmosphere away from today’s office technology. Incorporating natural elements into the office is essential for employees to escape the monotonous gaze at the computer screen. Many organizations have welcomed sustainable and environmentally-oriented office designs. Facebook and Twitter are just a few of the many organizations that have adopted the green wall trend. In three independent field experiments conducted by the Journal of Experimental Psychology, integrating plants into the workplace enhanced air quality, concentration, employee satisfaction and productivity. 

Privacy Nap Pods: Success  

Google can be considered the trendsetter of the office napping pods, allowing for some you-time at work to get away from all the chatter and click of the keyboards. In order to counter the issue of sleep deficiency brought on by technological advancements, napping improves alertness and performance while also reducing mistakes, according to the National Sleep Foundation. We’re bringing back nap times and making them trendy in the work place. You’re welcome.

The Treadmill Desk: Fail

Although praised for their physical and health benefits, new studies have found that when it comes to productivity in the workplace treadmill desks are far more detrimental than beneficial. A study published in April in PLOS One found that the people using the treadmill desks received far worse cognitive scores than those sitting. Scores sufficiently dwindled when it came to their thinking, concentration and typing abilities.

LED Skylights: Success

Ron Friedman, author of "The Best Place to Work", explains employee satisfaction relies heavily on the workplace environment. One of the ideas Friedman presented was the idea of applying basic essentials to the office environment through the application of natural lighting and peaceful landscapes.  LED skylights allow for workers to feel like they’re outdoors while in their cubicle or enclosed office space with lighting that imitates the color temperature and the quality of the light outside.

Playful Break Rooms: Success

put-put-officePhoto Credit: Mark Blinch/Reuters

Break rooms have now become the man caves away from home, allowing for employees to blow off some work steam and indulge in casual conversation, often igniting bonding moments between co-workers. Many companies have embraced this trend providing bars, video games, workout videos, community areas, and even put-put golf in the break rooms.

Drone Messengers: Fail

Companies considering drones as the new pigeon carriers have a lot to think about. Although at first glance it may seem like a way to increase the speed of delivery, the disadvantages outweigh the advantages in this case with possible injuries, unprotected shipments, financial repercussions and even possible lawsuits for property trespassing.  

Standing/Height Adjustable Desks: Success

“Sitting is the new smoking” is the recent and maybe a little exaggerated claim against the incessant sitting that comes along with office jobs. The treadmill desks may have flaws but the health benefits of sitting less and moving more during the day continue to gain recognition. Standing desks stand as the happy medium, providing major health benefits while having no detrimental affect on productivity due to their stationary structures as opposed to the inevitable multi-tasking brought on by the treadmill desk.

Virtual Reality: To Be Determined…

VirtualReality 28840Photo Credit: Column Five/ PGi

Virtual reality is still in the works, but is predicted to start hitting the work place soon with some game-changing benefits. VR, usually associated with 3-D video games, has been found to have a future in the office with benefits ranging from upgraded training techniques to business teleportation. Yes, we’re talking holograms but that means no more sick days. You can pick your poison. 

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