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2015-oscar-nominations-who-got-snubbedPhoto Credit: Cinelou Releasing, Paramount Pictures, Getty Images

The 87th Annual Academy Awards are just a few weeks away. And movie-goers might have thought they could expect the nominees to reflect those who were honored at the Golden Globes last week.

Not so much...

After the early announcement of Oscar nominees this morning, it turns out there were snubs in numerous categories.

Similar to the Golden Globes, Birdman and The Grand Budapest Hotel received the most recognition with nine Academy Award nominations each. Following closely behind: The Imitation Game with eight nods, and Boyhood and American Sniper each with six. 

Selma is up for Best Picture but lead actor David Oyelowo was snubbed on the Best Actor front. He was nominated at the Golden Globes and many thought he would have been nominated again.

Amy Adams took home her second Golden Globe for Best Actress in a film, this year for Big Eyes and last year for American Hustle. However, the Academy had no recognition of her work for the upcoming award show. Emily Blunt faced a similar snub. She received a Golden Globe nomination for Into the Woods, bu no nomination for the Oscars.

A big shocker to many was Jennifer Aniston not being nominated for her role in Cake. There was a lot of talk that she was expected to go home with an Oscar for her emotional performance, but no such luck.

Jake Gyllenhaal earned SAG noms and a Golden Globes nom for his creepy role in Nightcrawler, but no love from the Academy.

And Angelina Jolie was snubbed twice! The Unbroken director received no nominations in the Best Director category. However, the film is up for Best Cinematography, Best Sound Editing and Best Sound Mixing.

Who were you most surprised about getting a nomination... or not receiving one? 

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