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16884 GOPDebateMainPhoto Credit: Twitter.com

The second GOP debate has come and gone, and while Donald Trump remains a strong contender for the party's nomination, there has been a shuffling of names in the runner-up spots. 

Candidates Marco Rubio and Jeb Bush, who many predicted would be the frontrunners of this campaign, have fallen to fourth and fifth place, respectively, as Ben Carson and Carly Fiorina move into second and third.

Often deemed "establishment men" by Donald Trump, Rubio and Bush's shrinking poll numbers shed some more light on GOP voters' shift from career politicians towards business professionals as their political leaders. 

Following the second GOP debate, both Trump and Carson enjoyed major jumps in the polls while all the usual faces of the GOP saw their chances dwindle. 

It's an unusual top three for the GOP, which has been stuck with the white male archetype. The numbers could indicate a broader break among the party's electorate. Voters were disappointed by what they saw as a weak-willed run by Mitt Romney and are in the market for fresh faces this time around. 

According to Time.com, non-establishment candidates saw the largest gains in social media followers after the debate. Fiorina, after dominating the undercard debate earlier this year, moved into the main event and triumphed over her colleagues, with the bonus of seeing her Twitter followers jump from 493,000 to 515,000. Carson enjoyed a similar jump in twitter followers, going from 602,000 to 624,000 the next day.

Firoina and Carson even beat Donald Trump in the Twitter follower game. After a relatively quiet three hours on stage, Trump only saw his twitter followers jump by 11,000. 

Trump even failed to provide the most tweeted moment during the debate. Fiorina's comments on Planned Parenthood and her response to Trump's comments about her looks gave the surging candidate an extra boost on social media. Take a look at what she had to say about Trump in the video below!

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