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Hydrogen peroxide is an all-natural sanitizer that kills the yucky organisms you'd rather not have crawling around your home. As the only germicidal solution consisting of only water and oxygen, it serves many uses. From sanitizing food, ridding fungus, fighting infection, to mouthwash, hydrogen peroxide can be used all around the house. Here are just 19 uses for hydrogen peroxide.




A cap-full of peroxide held in your mouth for up to 10 minutes a day is an all natural mouthwash. 

Tooth whitener

Did you know many teeth whitening products have peroxide as an ingredient? Just by using peroxide as a mouthwash daily, you'll see your teeth get whiter. 

Hair lightener

 Want slight highlights in your hair? Don't want to spend 20 bucks at the salon? No worries. As a bleaching agent used in hair salons (inside products), peroxide is safe to turn your brown hair to a lighter shade of brown. Be advised, it works gradually and if you want super highlights you should see your beautician.


 Dipping your toothbrush in peroxide frees it of germs. If you combine baking soda, water, and peroxide, it's a cleaning and natural toothpaste.

Nasal spray

 Do you have a sinus infection? Peroxide and water mixed can be used a nasal spray to relieve your infection.

Contact lens solution

No need to purchase fancy contact lens solution. Make your own that acts as an disinfectant and also breaks down the protein that can build up around your lenses. 

Around the House




Clear your nasal passage by placing hydrogen peroxide inside your humidifier.

Mold remover

 Tough build up and mold can be hard to remove. With peroxide, it's an easy fix.

Household disinfectant

Wipe down your counter tops and clean your bathroom with peroxide. Every surface in the house will be clean and sanitized.

Glass cleaner

 Peroxide is a non-smearing, spot clearing glass cleaner. Who knew?


 Mix hydrogen peroxide with water and you have a hand and home sanitizer.



Bleach alternative for clothing

Add to your loads and see how bright your clothes come out looking.

Bleach alternative for stain remover

Blood stains? Food stains? No problem! Rub a small amount of hydrogen peroxide on the spot and wash it disappear. 

Dishwashing detergent 

Some people add bleach to their dishwater to kill germs and get their dishes sparkly clean. Add a small amount of peroxide to your dish water for the same effect.



Meat sanitizer

 Clean your meat by rising it with a LITTLE bit of hydrogen peroxide.

Meat marinade

No way? Yes, way. Cover meat with a diluted peroxide solution, rinse, and cook.

Salad preserver

Spray on your lettuce and it won't wilt as fast.

Vegetable wash

 Spray on your vegetables and it will clean as well as preserve your veggies. 

Seed sprout

If you like to garden and need help getting your seeds to sprout hydrogen peroxide may be of help to you. Soaking seed in water and peroxide overnight can help seeds to grow.

For some of the uses above, hydrogen peroxide is used alone. For others, it is combined with either water or vinegar. Before using hydrogen peroxide for any of the above, make sure you are consulting the bottle and find out what’s the recommended amount for the reason it is to be used.

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