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25-random-acts-of-kindness-for-the-holidaysDoing something kind for someone else is the best way to feel good this holiday season. And really, it is time to put some goodness and positivity out there in the world!

What defines the holidays for you? Is it the gifts, the music or the food? It’s the spirit of the holidays! A simple random act of kindness not only makes you feel great, but also motivates others to pay it forward.

Never underestimate the power of a random act of kindness, especially during the holidays. So why not....

1. Visit residents at a nursing home. Bring some holiday treats too!

2. Donate dog and cat toys to a local animal shelter.

3. Bring some clothing or household items to your local donation center.

4. Donate brand new toys to a children’s organization.

5. Send a thank you letter to your police and fire station.

6. Help shovel the driveway of an elderly neighbor.

7. Bake holiday treats for your coworkers.

8. Leave a big tip at your favorite restaurant.

9. Send care packages to soldiers for the holidays.

10. Send flowers to your best friend.

11. Give out some free compliments to strangers.

12. Host a toy drive in your community.

13. Hold the door for people.

14. Volunteer your time at the soup kitchen.

15. Treat someone in line at the coffee shop to their latte.

16. During the packed holiday mall shopping, let someone take the closer parking spot.

17. Give up your seat on the subway or bus in the morning on your way to work.

18. Invite someone who will be alone during the holidays to your holiday party.

19. Become a big brother or big sister.

20. Donate holiday books to your local library or the library at your children’s school.

21. Make your partner breakfast in bed.

22. Send a check to your favorite charity.

23. Make homemade gifts for your friends and family.

24. Sing Christmas Carols at a children’s hospital or nursing home.

25. Read holiday stories at a children’s hospital.


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