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3-best-apps-for-tracking-your-periodNo one wants to showcase period dates on a calendar in the kitchen anymore. Check out these apps that will make keeping track of it easier!

You know that dreaded question when you go to the OB-GYN: When was your last period date? Many doctors will right there recommend downloading a period tracker app if you can’t remember. But maybe some of you don’t even have any sort of last period calculator at all or a method on how to remember period dates. This might sound silly, but maybe your "smart" phone will actually live up to its name with this one.   

Here are some apps that might help encourage keeping track of your monthly and mood cycles much easier than using calendars, not to mention, this is a much more private way to know why you are feeling more irritable than normal.

Apps to Make Your Monthly Cycle Easier

1. Pink Pad

For women who want to keep it private: This helps keep track of the dates and length of period cycle. Also helps warn for emotions you might feel consistently during your red days. And for those of you trying to get pregnant, fertile days will always be tracked by sending you a reminder on particular days, “The flowers are blooming.”


2. Pocket Cycle

For women who may have different partners: This is a great app for those who want to do simple things like track when your period begins and ends, but also to remind you to take that birth control pill. There is also a feature to track partners so you can easily recall when you spent the night with him.


3. Tampon Reminder

This app is good for women who juggle a handful of schedules already. When running on a busy schedule, this app will remind you when it’s a good time to change your tampon. The timer on the app keeps track for you and helps you avoid symptoms of toxic shock syndrome if you leave your tampon in too long. All you have to do is punch in your period start date and number of days your cycle usually lasts, then the app will give alerts when you should change it out.


Hopefully one of these apps will help you stay on track. The best part is, no one has to know you're doing this! 

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