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Why Your Workouts Arent WorkingAs women, we want it all. This is our greatest asset and our biggest downfall. We want to be a full-time mom, supportive wife, awesome best friend, full-time employee, business owner, Zumba class extraordinaire, AND have amazing health paired with a phenomenal body.

That may leave you feeling like you need a nap!

Here are three factors that may be halting your fat-loss, despite your Superwoman motives.

1. Your cortisol is out of whack. As women, we are hormonally more delicate than men. Cortisol elevates in times of stress and famine. Constantly elevated cortisol production signals the body to store fat and to weaken our immune system. Balancing your cortisol requires a holistic approach of proper training, adequate rest and natural supplementation. Evaluate caffeine consumption, manage stress and prioritize sleep.

2. You are working out TOO much. It’s easy to fall into the over exercising trap. Sometimes more is better, but sometimes more is just more. The only thing excessive cardio is doing is making your body an efficient-fat STORING machine. Perform the minimum effective dose (as little DURATION as possible) while still yielding results. Your INTENSITY trumps duration. Trade in your long duration cardio for 20 min HIIT sprints or 30-40 minute intense weight-training.

3. You’re are constantly “dieting”. Your metabolism is not stagnant and does not enjoy a daily caloric deficit 365 days a year. Consistently eating below 1000-1200 calories slows your metabolic rate and lowers your metabolic capacity. Track your calories and macros for two weeks and assess. Depending on your activity level, 1-2 carb/calorie refeeds a week is sufficient to shock your metabolism. You may already know that carbs are not inherently evil. Liberate yourself from the dieting trap and use carbs strategically. 

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