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Many people see personal training as way to lose weight, stick to a schedule or improve their performance. But anyone can benefit from a “bird’s eye view” of their fitness status including new and seasoned runners. You may only need 1-2 sessions to get moving in the right direction.



Here’s a few reasons why a trainer can help you.

It feels like somebody's watching me...

1. Like Eyes in the Back of Your Head.  A personal trainer can watch you run.  That means they can check for gait alignment issues that may lead to injuries.  This can help you be aware of them to make changes in your running style just like a golfer getting help on his swing to be more efficient.  She may also give you simple stretches or strengthening moves to adjust your movements for better form.

2. It stinks to get injured!  So if you do get injured, a personal trainer can help keep you running.  Personal trainers or even physical therapists can help you stay balanced in your training to prevent injuries or manage them better to heal faster. They can give you right course of action to work through the injury or give you alternate movements to minimize further damage.  

3. Keep improving without the plateaus.  Personal trainers can share cross training ideas. As your body continues the same movement in the same way each time you workout, it figures out how to better perform the movement while burning less calories= Hence, it becomes more efficient. That’s why you’ll want some complimentary cross training ideas that a trainer can suggest.

If you’re training for your first 5k, remember consistency is key. Set weekly training goals. Seek expert advice for training programs. Make sure your shoes fit and you have proper training apparel. Eat healthy choices – you can’t outrun your food calories. Lastly, work for you own personal best and track your times. It’s always fun to see where you started, where you can go and how long it takes to get there.

Runners have a disciplined health regimen but working with a trainer can help them stay on the track and enjoy their running.

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