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 3-relationship-mistakes-to-avoidDating advice 101: Keep these tips in mind before your relationship goes haywire.

Having a new boyfriend is an exciting time in a lady's life. You have so much to look forward to, memories to make and the potential is endless. However, you don’t want to overshadow your excitement by turning your new guy off. Avoid these common relationship mistakes to have a successful experience.

Dating Advice For Women: What to Steer Clear Of

1. Absence Makes the Heart Grow Fonder

Spending all of your time with your new boyfriend is a relationship mistake women make and it doesn’t give him a chance to miss you. You want your beau to be the best part of your life, not your entire life. Stay active in the things you enjoyed before you got together and keep your relationship with your friends strong. Many guys like the fact that their girlfriend has her own life. It shows her independence, confidence and it lets him have his own life, too. Don’t get me wrong, your boyfriend enjoys spending time with you just as much as you do him; but it’s all about the balance.

2. Out With the Old

It’s a huge no-no to compare your new guy to any one that you’ve dated in the past. Even if it’s a good comparison, like something you enjoy him doing that your old boyfriend didn’t do. If it starts with good attributes, the door is opened to compare the things you DON’T like that your new guy doing as well. To compare the two guys at all shows that your old beau is still on your mind and one of these days you’ll slip and say it out loud. Simply communicate your likes and pet peeves with your new boyfriend and wipe the board to give him the advantage of a clean slate and fresh start. 

3. Be Confident, Not Insecure

Don’t let insecurities be the downfall of your new relationship. Bad habits like Facebook-stalking and Twitter-creeping that start early only get worse as the relationship develops. A wise person once said, “If you go snooping through your significant other’s things, you’ll find what your looking for.” This means if you’re going into the relationship with the perspective that your boyfriend isn’t being trustworthy or faithful, you’re going to make everything he does and everything you see fit that point of view.

Instead, start the relationship with an optimistic outlook (not a naive one, again, it’s all about the balance) and that he chose YOU to be his girlfriend, not the one who puts smiley faces and hearts on his Facebook wall. Be confident in that and be yourself! You’ll feel much better about your relationship.

Of course this is just a pinch of the much relationship advice that’s out there.  As you and your boyfriend develop a romantic connection, you’ll make your own rules that cater to you. That's the best part!

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