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With the growing number of dogs diagnosed with allergies, diabetes and other health issues, dog owners are always looking for ways to provide their dogs with a healthier life. When we adopted our first two dogs, littermates named Rodrigo and Sydney, we knew little about raising dogs, but thanks to inspiration brought about by becoming a pet blogger, I've picked up a few tips that actually work. And the tips I've learned have led to healthier dogs and fewer vet visits.

3 Easy Ways to Begin Raising a Natural Dog

1. Improve your dog's food. Brands are stepping up their game and there are healthier options in dog food and treats coming to market all the time. Whether you're interested in feeding your dog a kibble diet, switching to raw or freeze dried meals, there is plenty of information available to you online. Take a little time to research the best options for your dog.

2. Use a natural flea repellent. Another growing product line includes natural flea repellents, which include topical treatments, sprays, and shampoos. We've been flea free for over three years using natural flea repellents, washing the dog bedding weekly, and bathing our dogs twice a month. Do you have carpet? Dust it with diatomaceous earth, a natural flea killer, let sit for 30 minutes or more (the longer, the better) and then vacuum.

3. Work with a holistic veterinarian. We work with both a traditional vet and a holistic vet, giving us the opportunity to explore alternative care for our dogs. Our explorations have led us to change our vaccination protocols and taught us more about dog nutrition and supplements. If you're lucky, your veterinarian's office has both a traditional and holistic vet on staff.

Raising a Natural Dog Doesn't Have to Require a Lifestyle Change

These are three simple steps to raising a natural dog. You can chose the one step that makes the most sense for you and your dog, you can choose to ease into all three, or you can try something else that is equally beneficial.

We've slowly made these changes and more over the years and with each change, we gain the satisfaction of knowing that we're raising healthier dogs and saving money on vet bills!

For more tips on raising dogs naturally, visit Keep the Tail Wagging.

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