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33-minutes-33-days-headerOn Wednesday, April 30th it will be two years since I started cancer treatment.

I am grateful to still be here to celebrate my son's 10th birthday this week. I hate cancer. You hate cancer. Awareness is feeling painfully insufficient these days. So let's up the ante. Take a personal stand for your health. How? Exercise.

Study after study finds that women who get 30 minutes a day of exercise have better health outcomes across the board, but even better, benefit from less cancer development and less cancer recurrence. Yet many of us don't exercise that much. Because, you know, exercise.

So here's the deal. If we can transform cancer treatment by wearing dresses into something beautiful, I bet we can make 33 days of exercising, building up to 33 minutes of exercising a day such a big treat for ourselves that we don't go back.

What do you say? Will you join me in your own way?

I'll be posting daily and I'd love your encouragement because this has always been challenging for me. Plus, I'd love you to celebrate or remember someone close to you who has dealt with cancer.

Join me for the next 33 days...Let's see how fun we can make this!

Elissa Ashwood is CEO of Truly Accomplished, the Pittsburgh, PA based tech company helping people improve their work and life at the same time, and increase their effectiveness at both on average 150% in 90 days. An unapologetic control freak, Elissa's goal is to help everyone she works with earn the bedtime guarantee: that you'll go to bed at night proud of what you've done with your day, your week and your life. She fully intends to be spoiling her great grandchildren and is slightly terrified about doing 33 minutes of exercise a day. Publicly. Please send massive amounts of encouragement!

For more work by Elissa Ashwood, check out 33 Dresses and Truly Accomplished.


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