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4 Easy and Cheap DIY Gifts Under $10

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4-easy-and-cheap-diy-gifts-under-10While your holiday gift list gets bigger and bigger, you might be wondering how you can afford to buy your closest friends and family that perfect gift they’ll love. So make them one!

Check out a few great and really easy DIY gifts that won’t only make them smile, but keep your wallet happy, too. These are easy, budget-friendly, and total crowd-pleasers. You can even get the kids in on the fun by having them  help. 


Unique Homemade Holiday Gifts 

    white-candles-holidayMake Your Own Candle

    A candle is a perfect gift to give this time of year. Why not customize it? All you need is a large white candle, a non-toxic ink pad, and a large printed rubber stamp of something your friend will enjoy, like their name or favorite quote. Start by turning the stamp on its back with the rubber side facing upward. Press the ink pad across the stamp. SLOWLY roll the candle across the inked stamp. Make sure it’s lined up EVENLY because you’ll have to go over it more than once. Set it aside and let it dry completely. (they’ll smear if they’re even just a little wet).

    Make a Tile Coaster

    A tile coaster is a great gift for someone who just moved into a new place or is redecorating. Clean and dry a plain tile before you measure it (you can get the standard 4.25 x 4.25 for about .20 each). Cut pretty scrapbook paper to evenly cover the tile. Put a thin coat of mod podge over the tile and put the paper on top and lightly press out all of the bubbles. Apply 2-3 more coats on the top, allowing each one to dry for 15 minutes. Once the last coat is dry, spritz 1 coat of acrylic spray, let it dry and spritz another. When it’s dry, put a felt pad on the bottom of each corner and you’re all set! Make it even more personal with printouts of a family portrait or even their favorite pictures!

    custom-coffee-mugMonogrammed Coffee Mug

    Want to give your child’s favorite teacher a personal gift? A monogrammed coffee mug will do the trick! The best part is it only calls for a nice, plain white mug and a permanent marker. Just preheat your oven to 350 degrees. While you wait, decorate your mug! Write the teacher’s the name and even let the kids join in to design it. Once you’re finished, place it in the oven on a cookie sheet for 30 minutes then let it cool. You don’t have to worry about the marker washing off!

    DIY Mouse Pad

    If you want to gift your beau with a special something this holiday season, try a DIY mouse pad. He’ll think of you every time he uses his computer at the office or works from home. And it’s really easy! Grab a blank, black mousepad and craft paint. Tap into your inner Picasso and paint away! It can be your boyfriend’s name or a snazzy design you think of on the spot.

    These are great gift ideas that will not only keep your friend smiling, but shows you put thought into it, which is much more meaningful than any gift you could purchase. 

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