4 Easy Tips For Making a Real Life Pinterest BoardIf you haven’t quite been able to make your favorite Pinterest board come to life, look no further! 

I’ve got the rundown on how to make it more than just a lovely page.


iStock 000004854230SmallHow to Make a Pinterest Board

First you want to figure out what the purpose of each board will be. Too many different directions on one board will make it look pretty unorganized. Whether it’s a bridal look, home decor or thrift shopping, allot each one to its own board. For an extra pizazz, use colorful and bright clipboards for each category. If you can’t find any bright clipboards, buy a wooden one and paint each one a different color with acrylic paint. If you want, you can write the category at the top with permanent marker. 

Depending on what option you chose for number one, determine where in your home to want to hang it the different boards For example, if you are making a style inspired board, it’s most likely best to hang it in your closet. If it’s a career-themed board, put it in your home office, or even your office at work. If none of those are fitting, opt for hanging it on your bedroom wall. 

Taking one board at at time, collect your favorite magazines and cut out the words, phrases and pictures that inspire you the most. If you’re having a hard time finding a certain word, cut it out one letter at a time as you flip through the issue. Clip your pages on the top of the board so you can flip through your cutouts. Stick each one to the wall using a nail or mounting tape, depending on the type of wall surface.

If you’re one of those people who don’t want to separate your boards and just put everything together (after all, you’ll know how to find it when you need it :)), use one gigantic wooden board and pin everything on with tacks. To prevent it from looking the every day vision board that is also becoming extremely popular these days, you can still separate the different categories on the board, but sometimes a beautiful mess is just a good of inspiration as any. Who knows, it might not even be considered a mess to some.

The most important tip is to simply be sure that the boards are organized in a way that will be inspiration for you to achieve everything you hope for.

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